Half-Time Check Up

The first day of January I published this post, listing the things I wanted to manifest in 2018. As we are now in the seventh month of 2018, I thought it would be a good time to remind myself of those five things I want to manifest this year – and to check in with how well I have done so far.

Save Money

This one has been going pretty well so far *touch wood*. At the point of writing this, I have saved quite a large amount of money, which I actually owe a family member – but nevertheless, I am still really proud of myself and, even after my debt is paid, I will continue to save money. There have been a few hiccups, like with everything in life, and at times my debt has gone up a little however, I’m proud of how well I have done and will continue to work on this one.

I have had conversations with two friends of mine around the idea that when it gets to payday, if there is any money left from the last one they feel the need to spend it and start fresh for the next payday. This is something I have been guilty of in the past but the past few months I have really learned to restrain myself. Even though I sometimes do have the occasional peak at ASOS, it is surprising how once you have seen the results of saving money, you can’t justify certain purchases. I find myself thinking about everything I can do with that £30 if I don’t just blow it on one top.

Let Go (Do You Boo)

This is definitely still one I am working on, but I do feel like there have been a few times that I’ve let go and simply done what I want or feel is right. I think this one will be a work in progress.

Enjoy the Beach Hut, as much as possible

My beach hut came out of storage earlier than usual this year, and I have been down there a few times. My boyfriend and I have had a few bbq’s and picnics there which has been nice. With this glorious weather, and my uni year finally wrapping up, we have also had quite a few chances to go for a dip in the sea too – which has been amazing!


I haven’t worked on this as much as I could have although, I have been recording snippets of our life. March, especially, we had a lot going on which I have been recording here and there so I am working on a short snippet/vignette video. My editing could do with some dusting off so this may be shabby or quite raw but I want to get into it so stay tuned!

Become More Mindful 

I think this one and the first point have been the major ones I have worked on. I feel as though I have really got in a good frame of mind with money and what I spend it on. For instance, there are a few items I am looking for; like some navy culottes to replace the ones I had to throw out. I purchased a pair a while back but they didn’t fall right on my body. Usually I would forget to send the back or just make do, but if they don’t fall right on me then I know I will never reach for them. Instead I sent them back and put the refunded money in my savings. I am still on the hunt for some Navy Culottes, along with a few other items, but I am not willing to settle for anything less then perfection and I don’t think anyone else should either.

I have also been more mindful with my living area and just my way of life in general. Eating at home a lot more over getting food from the take out or restaurants has been a huge change, as well as being mindful of the things I clutter my living space with. I have a small room at the moment, which has little to no storage space. Because of this I try to only keep the necessary items in my room -and even now, as I look around, I can see five or six things I could ditch.

So there you have it, that is how I have done so far and to be honest, I am really proud of myself. True, I do have some that I haven’t honed in on just yet but there is still plenty of time and this post has served as a gentle reminder of what I still have to work on.

How are your ‘resolutions’ or manifestations going?

Cheerio for now! 

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