Five Manifestations for 2018

Yes, ladies and gents we’ve reached the year of ’18. I know everyone says this, and I hate it when they do, but where does the time go. And is it just me, or is it bizarre how so much can change in a year?
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Save Money
Bit of an adult one but I really want to become more efficient at saving my pennies. I have realised over time that I can be quite a frivolous spender (especially when it comes to ASOS) and then when it comes to other things I don’t have the money, for instance I’ll spend £30 on a top that I like but when it comes to something I need I can’t get it because I already splurged. There are things I have wanted to invest in for years but have never had the money because its been wasted on trends or fads so I’ve made this manifestation in the hope to trying save money and find a good balance with my spending habits. 

This also comes into play with another thing I need to manifest within 2018 and that is to get a credit card. I feel like this will come later in the year, once I’ve truly got into a nice habit of putting away my money. The idea of a credit card being in my hands is quite scary so I’d feel so much better if I had some savings, no matter how small as almost a little security blanket. Also I’m hoping the routine of saving money will make me less of a frivolous spending in the long-run so I won’t have the urge to reach for that dangerous little card.

Let Go (Do You Boo) 
I can’t believe I just typed those words but hear me out. There have been many things in the past that I have put on the back burner because I simply was to worried about what people thought of me. It’s the same with clothes, a lot of the time I shy away from certain styles because again I’m worried what people will think. In the grand scheme of things does it really matter what people think of an outfit or what I’m doing. In 2018 I want to practise just letting go of the worried voice inside my head and simply have fun, doing what I love.
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Enjoy the Beach hut, as much as possible 
The past two summers I have felt as though I haven’t enjoyed the beach hut as much as I did for my first year there. The second Summer we had it, the bottom floor of our house flooded and so life was just very hectic and everything felt turned upside down. Last Summer, we went down there a few times but still nowhere near as much as that first year. I’d like to try enjoy it as much as possible this year. It’s so lovely just heading there, grabbing food on the way to bbq and just sitting by the sea. It is my favourite. 
Something I have wanted to do for awhile but never truly taken the plunge. When I say YouTube, I don’t mean become a daily vlogger or aspire to be like Zoella (no offence), I’d just simply like to record moments of my life to look back on one day. James and I have visited some amazing places, and even had some great days out: I think it would be pretty cool to be able to look back and watch them one day. A few years ago my mom had all our home videos transferred to DVD’s and I’m so grateful that she capture so many precious moments from my childhood. It would be quite nice to keep that going and record some moments from mine and James’ life.  
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Become More Mindful 
This one is kind of linked to the first point of saving money but I’d like to become much more conscious of what money I’m spending and what I’m spending it on. I’d like to become more frugal when it comes to possessions and what I choose to hold onto -I think this has come from living in a relatively small room with little storage space
Something that has also prompted this thought is seeing this post by Haley on Colour Me Classic. Haley set herself the challenge of not buying clothes for 6 months in the hopes of seeing how she could grow without buying clothes on Asos -I resonated so much with the Asos part of her post she shared. Her post about this, and seeing the results from this ‘clothes-shopping ban’, really inspired me. Having looked back on the year and some of the things I’ve thrown away £30-70 on, definitely made me realise how much money that I have wasted throughout the year. As someone who needs to expand and get new furniture in the new year, pay off debts and hopefully save money, Haley’s post definitely came at the right time for me and a spending ban is something I am seriously considering for the new year (-I’ll keep you all posted on this though). 
So, these are the things I’d like to manifest within the next year. I’d like to think they are quite attainable so if all goes well, in a years time I’ll be updating you all on how this has gone. 
What are things you would like to manifest in the new year? Let me know in the comments below.
Cheerio for now! 
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