Hi, I’m Jam. 
I’m a 20-something year old student residing in the South-East of England, with my eccentric family. Though I am from the small, historic town of Rochester -more commonly known as Charles Dickens Country- I’m a sea soul at heart and, whenever I’m able, will be found exploring my favourite coastal spots or chilling at my beach hut. My tribe includes four-legged pals and a bearded boyfriend who answers to James. I’m a part-time student with the Open University, full-time spoonie* and an aspiring writer: supporting messy hair and last weeks pyjamas. Usually spotted with a cup of tea in hand.
*click here to read the spoon theory.
Here, at withsomejam, book reviews are a constant feature, with both a variety of fiction and non-fiction (yes, recommendations are always welcomed with open arms). As animal lovers’, I predominantly feature cruelty free skincare and lifestyle products. You can check some of the products I have previously share here: as well as a vast library of natural skincare products here. Newer elements of this space are the Inspire Me Lately posts sharing a few things inspiring me, along with the Uniform posts where I encourage my audience to be mindful of the fashion they consume and encourage folks towards slow fashion as opposed to endorsing fast fashion. As you can tell this space is a little all over the shop -a true reflection of me, its’ curator.
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Cheerio for now!