Wales: Waterfalls, a Castle & a Railroad

Probably one, if not the busiest day of our trip to Wales; we set off really early for an adventure. I mean first of all I should say I woke up about 4am and couldn't get back to sleep. I had my copy of The Beautiful Ones nearby (review here) and had only 10 chapters… Continue reading Wales: Waterfalls, a Castle & a Railroad

Chatsworth House | The Grotto, Painted Hall & Great Stairs

Having been blown away by the magnificence of the Chapel and Oak room, we then went through a corridor and onto the next areas of the house. The Chapel Corridor we went through is where a collection of the Cavendish's art and historical collection is held. It ranges from Old Master paintings by the likes… Continue reading Chatsworth House | The Grotto, Painted Hall & Great Stairs

Chatsworth House | The Chapel & The Oak Room

After entering the house, one of the first rooms we came to was the Chapel and oh my, it was truly stunning. It was built in the late 1600's, before the 4th Earl was created the 1st Duke of Devonshire and has remained pretty much unaltered ever since. Back then it would've been used for… Continue reading Chatsworth House | The Chapel & The Oak Room

Chatsworth House

I was around eleven years old when I saw an episode of a documentary series about great houses in Britain and the episode which I saw revolved around Chatsworth House. I feel in love. Ever since it has been high on my places to visit and it was when we were away for the week… Continue reading Chatsworth House

The Grand Budapest Hotel

The Wes Anderson Collection: The Grand Budapest Hotel, Matt Zoller Seitz This post is about the book, which is all about the film and how it was made so there will be spoilers ahead! ...also, as the natural-born overwriter that I am, I do go on a tangent about the film and why I absolutely… Continue reading The Grand Budapest Hotel

things I’ve found solace in lately | april

Life has been beyond hectic lately. I'm sure come October time I will go into more detail on my life lately and what the past year has brought about for me, but for now I'm looking for every and any distractions available to me. I'm so grateful for anything light I can seek a little… Continue reading things I’ve found solace in lately | april

Sustainable Shopping | Clothes

Sustainable shopping has been on my mind a lot lately. Anyone who knows me knows I use to have a tendency to buy a lot of fast fashion, never get round to wearing it and throw it out two years later with the tags still attached to the garment. I can feel your dagger-looks and… Continue reading Sustainable Shopping | Clothes

Book Review: The Loch of the Dead

The Loch of the Dead, Oscar de Muriel **I just wanted to add a little note here. This is one of the many posts I have had in my draft section since before my hiatus but with the fifth Frey and McGray book, The Darker Arts, being released today, I figured now is the perfect… Continue reading Book Review: The Loch of the Dead

The Silent Companions

The Silent Companions, Laura Purcell  You know those little recommended reads based on books you've bought on Amazon? Sometimes they really are amazing. This was one of them. This was an impulse buy and to be honest it was money well spent.   Elsie, newly married and newly widowed, finds herself sent to her husbands estate,… Continue reading The Silent Companions