Book Vs. Film: The Miniaturist

The Miniaturist, Jessie Burton 
This idea, of comparing book and film adaptations, came about when I was watching The Miniaturist over Christmas on the BBC. Having read, and loved The Miniaturist (you can read my review of the book here),  I found myself, as I watched,  mentally preparing a list of similarities and differences between the book and film adaptations. I say film, it was actually spread across a two-part series, with each part being an hour and a half long. 
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Now there were many things I liked about this adaptation but there were also things I really could not tolerate. For instance: 
  • The Miniaturists interactions: in the book the lady sending Nella the miniature items is a passing ship. She’s someone who reappears every so often and then disappears without a trace however, in the programme she has far more of a prominent role within Nella’s life. When Nella finally manages to get a response at The miniaturists shop, in the book, it is an elderly fellow who turns out to be the lady’s father. Between Nella and him they piece together the mystery and Nella gets to hear a bit about this mysterious lady sending her these spine-tingling figures. In the programme, Nella actually explores and finds her way into the living area above the miniaturist’s shop and once she realises the miniaturist lady is there, they have a conversation. I wish I could say that I liked this part of the programme, but to be honest I much prefer the end note to the book -that the miniaturist who has plagued Nella is simply a mystery: and just like throughout the book, she disappears. 
  • Marins Love Life: as with many things about books, I feel as though the book revealed a little more, or maybe even implied more, when it came to Marins love life and even just her personality. Although she definitely opens up more to Nella in the programme, once her secret is revealed, I do think that the book revealed more about her character: which I personally preferred. This is also the case for the character of Otto but you can obviously reveal far more with hundreds of thousands of words in a book than two hour and a half programmes. 

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Having said this, there were also things that I really liked about the adaptation and even a few things I preferred about the programme compared to the book.

  • I loved the setting. It was just dark and cold enough to embody the eerie-ness of the story without coming across too gothic. I also really loved how well they portrayed Amsterdam as a religious setting with the characters devoted to religious ways. I think they covered this element of the story really well which only helped to contrast Johannes lifestyle and the surrealness of the miniaturist and her figures. In a setting like this the miniaturist would no doubt be deemed as practising witchcraft. 
  • The character of Nella came across much stronger in the programme versus the actual book. I can’t put my finger on why or how but even before she finds out about Johannes lifestyle and Marins secret, she appears a strong young woman; even in the strange home environment she’s landed in. 
  • The casting was perfect. I think every cast member involved really relished in their characters role and I think that really brought the characters to life from the book. I also loved the bond the characters had with one another. The friendship between Nella and Cornelia, the respect between Nella and Marin, the thoughtful teamwork between Johannes and Nella: everything just seemed seamless when it came to the casting. 

I could ramble on comparing the book and programme all day long but I think I’ll draw a line there. Like with any adaptation, there is a lot of ground that producers and writers’ neglect to cover simply because they deem it irrelevant or don’t have the time to cover it. Ultimately, I really enjoyed the programme and the way they brought the book to life. 

If you didn’t catch The Miniaturist over the festive season then you can watch it here, on BBC iplayer. It’s not available for much longer so catch it while you can! 

Did you watch The Miniaturist? What did you think? 
Cheerio for now! 

Book Review: Uprooted, Naomi Novik

Uprooted, Naomi Novik 

Uprooted was a book title that kept popping up in my related reads, and I guess it falls into the fantasy-fairytale genre. The story is centred around a valley which is near the wood, enchanted with dark magic that corrupts all who enter. Agnieszka’s, the main character, village relies on the Dragon, an infamous wizard to protect them from the wood’s dark magic. However, his help comes at a steep price. Every ten years he picks a girl from the village to serve him for ten years. Agnieszka and the rest of her village assume he will pick her best friend Kasia but when the ‘choosing day’ comes, it isn’t Kasia who he leaves with. Spoiler: he picks Agieszka, but its’ with good reason. 

This book felt like a modern fairytale/folktale. I felt as though it transported me into Agnieszka’s world and I experienced what the characters went through, alongside them. There were many plot twists to this book and many elements that I really liked, such as the development of relationships such as Agnieszka and Kasia’s as well as Agnieszka and The Dragon/Sarkan. I felt torn through the book part of me wanting to know what happens and part reluctant for it to finish, and about half way through I felt it slowed down for a few chapters however by that point I was so engrossed within the world it couldn’t put me off wanting to know the ending.

Have you read Uprooted? What did you think? 
Cheerio for now! 

Lush | Dark Angels

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Are you sitting down? Because I’m about to say something that some folks may find shocking. I’ve never understood the fuss when it comes to Lush products. Hear me out -I grew up with a mother who would get a headache when we passed by the Lush store at our local shopping centre. She’d spot it a mile off and rush us past it as quickly as possible. Growing up, many of my friends had the same reaction. In fact, I can think of only one friend of mine who can actually tolerate the scent enough to step inside. So because of that, I’ve never really explored the realm of the Lush store -until lately.


It was a few weeks ago, I spotted the store and suddenly wanted to go inside. Inside I purchased two products, one a bubble bar and the other this cleanser, Dark Angels. The labelling says this product is a Face and body cleanser but believe me when I say that it is so much more than that. You know when you stumble across a product, use it and have to stop and marvel at the wonders it works -well that has been a constant routine of mine since I have been using this product. 


Dark Angels is not just a cleanser, its both an exfoliator and cleanser all in one. It has Charcoal and Black sugar to exfoliate, but also has Rhassoul Mud to cleanse and Avocado oil to soften and moisturise -so as you can see there’s a nice balance to the ingredients of this product. Not only does it remove dirt and cleanse the skin, but I’ve noticed it also leaves my skin with a glow that I have never experienced from any other product. The mask itself is black and makes you look rather terrifying if you don’t warn the people you live with that you’re using it, however, it does apply and remove really easy so that’s a nice little bonus. 


It’s pretty much up to you how much or how little you apply, and it’s the easiest to make. You simply take your chosen amount out the tub, add a little water, mix around in your hand and apply to your face or body. Once you’ve graced your skin with its amazing qualities, then rinse off with water and follow with any steps you require. I usually sweep a pad around my face with some toner sprayed onto it, just to remove any little excess bits of the cleanser that I didn’t manage to rinse off. I follow that up with my moisturiser or some coconut oil. 
I have noticed a huge difference in my skin since using this product and although it can be a bit more of a messier product (if you’re not careful), I really notice the effect it has on my skin and can’t imagine using any other product other than this now. 

Have you ever tried Dark Angels? What did you think? 
Cheerio for now!


Five Manifestations for 2018

Yes, ladies and gents we’ve reached the year of ’18. I know everyone says this, and I hate it when they do, but where does the time go. And is it just me, or is it bizarre how so much can change in a year?
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Save Money
Bit of an adult one but I really want to become more efficient at saving my pennies. I have realised over time that I can be quite a frivolous spender (especially when it comes to ASOS) and then when it comes to other things I don’t have the money, for instance I’ll spend £30 on a top that I like but when it comes to something I need I can’t get it because I already splurged. There are things I have wanted to invest in for years but have never had the money because its been wasted on trends or fads so I’ve made this manifestation in the hope to trying save money and find a good balance with my spending habits. 

This also comes into play with another thing I need to manifest within 2018 and that is to get a credit card. I feel like this will come later in the year, once I’ve truly got into a nice habit of putting away my money. The idea of a credit card being in my hands is quite scary so I’d feel so much better if I had some savings, no matter how small as almost a little security blanket. Also I’m hoping the routine of saving money will make me less of a frivolous spending in the long-run so I won’t have the urge to reach for that dangerous little card.

Let Go (Do You Boo) 
I can’t believe I just typed those words but hear me out. There have been many things in the past that I have put on the back burner because I simply was to worried about what people thought of me. It’s the same with clothes, a lot of the time I shy away from certain styles because again I’m worried what people will think. In the grand scheme of things does it really matter what people think of an outfit or what I’m doing. In 2018 I want to practise just letting go of the worried voice inside my head and simply have fun, doing what I love.
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Enjoy the Beach hut, as much as possible 
The past two summers I have felt as though I haven’t enjoyed the beach hut as much as I did for my first year there. The second Summer we had it, the bottom floor of our house flooded and so life was just very hectic and everything felt turned upside down. Last Summer, we went down there a few times but still nowhere near as much as that first year. I’d like to try enjoy it as much as possible this year. It’s so lovely just heading there, grabbing food on the way to bbq and just sitting by the sea. It is my favourite. 
Something I have wanted to do for awhile but never truly taken the plunge. When I say YouTube, I don’t mean become a daily vlogger or aspire to be like Zoella (no offence), I’d just simply like to record moments of my life to look back on one day. James and I have visited some amazing places, and even had some great days out: I think it would be pretty cool to be able to look back and watch them one day. A few years ago my mom had all our home videos transferred to DVD’s and I’m so grateful that she capture so many precious moments from my childhood. It would be quite nice to keep that going and record some moments from mine and James’ life.  
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Become More Mindful 
This one is kind of linked to the first point of saving money but I’d like to become much more conscious of what money I’m spending and what I’m spending it on. I’d like to become more frugal when it comes to possessions and what I choose to hold onto -I think this has come from living in a relatively small room with little storage space
Something that has also prompted this thought is seeing this post by Haley on Colour Me Classic. Haley set herself the challenge of not buying clothes for 6 months in the hopes of seeing how she could grow without buying clothes on Asos -I resonated so much with the Asos part of her post she shared. Her post about this, and seeing the results from this ‘clothes-shopping ban’, really inspired me. Having looked back on the year and some of the things I’ve thrown away £30-70 on, definitely made me realise how much money that I have wasted throughout the year. As someone who needs to expand and get new furniture in the new year, pay off debts and hopefully save money, Haley’s post definitely came at the right time for me and a spending ban is something I am seriously considering for the new year (-I’ll keep you all posted on this though). 
So, these are the things I’d like to manifest within the next year. I’d like to think they are quite attainable so if all goes well, in a years time I’ll be updating you all on how this has gone. 
What are things you would like to manifest in the new year? Let me know in the comments below.
Cheerio for now! 
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Autumn | 17

Honestly? Autumn has sucked. And those three words right there, they suck! 

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Autumn is usually the greatest time of the year for me. It’s my favourite. Halloween, Bonfire nights, the lead up to Christmas -which let’s face it, is sometimes better than Christmas day itself! Halloween has always been my favourite time of the year. The world becomes a blur of orange, purple and green, and finding the perfect shaped pumpkin is a never-ending mission. (During my nocturnal years, I remember my mom and I driving to Asda at two in the morning to rifle through there pumpkin stand. That is how committed we are to Halloween). But this Autumn hasn’t been that for me.

It started in a great way. I was three weeks ahead of my uni schedule and packing my bag to go away on a birthday trip with my boyfriend. I had my heart set on eating black-jack icecream (yes it’s a thing), wandering around Whitby, and hopefully climbing up the steps to Whitby Abbey. A couple days before I turned twenty-two, I got my nose pierced; something I have always wanted to do but never actually gone through with it. So, I was on a high. And then I got a phone call, on our last day away. It was my mom telling me that my dog, Myles, his tumour was bigger than the vet originally thought and they presumed it was down to the bone. The vet suggested amputations and MRI’s but ultimately I knew what this meant. Four weeks before this phone call, I had surgery and while I was recovering my mom told me that if it came to it (because Myles had a lump) she would rather put him to rest then have him chopped to pieces and sewn back up in the hope that we’d solve the problem. I knew that, even though amputation was an option for the vet, it wasn’t for our family and suddenly this ticking clock started in my mind. I found myself mentally predicting how much time I had left with him.

As soon as I was home, I tried to spend as much time as possible with him (he was staying with my grandparents). His lump was now infected and painful for him to stand on. He started hopping around and refraining from putting any weight on it at all. With this strain on his body, he started panting all the time and I knew he was becoming tired. We knew it was a matter of time and I’d come to terms with that idea, but it didn’t prepare me to see him physically decline. In his last few days, he stopped getting up to greet you when you arrived and he only got up when he knew he needed to go outside to relieve himself or when he knew he was being fed. He still wagged his tail when you spoke to him, and if anything I enjoyed those last few conversations we had more then anything else. The day he was put down was the worst day ever, and quite honestly a bit of a blur. So, my Autumn wasn’t great. I lost my best friend, and had my heartbroken in the process. Regardless of all of this, I’ve still found comfort in a few things…

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Seasonal Favourites

I was lucky enough to be able to attend two bonfire nights during October and November, one of which having the best food I have ever experienced. We also got to play with sparklers, sky lanterns, and even some fireworks (that sounds quite reckless but it was with friends, and we’re responsible. Or at least, most of us are). I have also been enjoying preparing for Christmas. As I write this now, I have just received an online order of gift wrap *squeals. This, in all honesty, is what has kept me going during losing Myles and I’ve tried to look forward and keep going as much as possible. 

I’ve been listening to podcasts, as usual, but have absolutely loved Estée LaLonde podcast called, The Heart of it. I loved all the episodes, however, the one featuring the topic of Strength sung to my heart a bit more than any of the others. I think as someone who has suffered from severe depression in the past, a lot of what was being said really resonated with me: plus I listened to this episode at a time when I wasn’t feel all that strong myself, which I think makes that episode stick out in my mind that little bit more. 
Okay so I’m totally late to the party with both these things but this season I have watched, wait for it… Stranger Things and Game of Thrones. No, nothing is wrong with me but in all honesty, when each of these programmes/new series’ came out I really weren’t bothered in the slightest about watching them. Now, having watched them, I can see what the fuss is about. Stranger Things was amazing and addictive. When I have my own house I’m definitely stringing lights all round it like Joyce Byers -you have to admit, those lights looked magical. I also loved the clothes they wore and I’m currently trying to resist a Borg corduroy jacket from ASOS, exactly like the one Nancy wears. 
Game of Thrones was unexpected but expected at the same time. I’ve seen snippets of it here and there, so I knew there was a lot of violence but I weren’t quite prepared for the nudity involved: which, I wouldn’t say I’m a prude but come on -theres a time and a place people! Regardless of this, I have really enjoyed it. I’m currently finishing up the third season. 
Looking forward to: 
Christmas and New Year. I’ve always enjoyed the lead up to Christmas a little bit more than Christmas day itself however, this year there’s much more going on for Christmas. I think I have five days in a row of solid plans which, although it’ll be exhausting, I’m also so excited for. I also have plans for New Year to which is the first in around 10 years, I’m so excited!

What have you enjoyed from Autumn? 
Cheerio for now! 
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Christmas Traditions

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Everyone has certain Christmas traditions that they look forward to each year, my family definitely have more than a few we uphold each year. This year things have changed slightly, we now have a bigger family, I have a boyfriend -and generally speaking, when there are more folks in the family it’s a little trickier to keep everyone happy. Regardless of these changes, there are a few things we’ll still be able to uphold which I’d like to share here. 

Pretty basic in any household but in our household as soon as the clock strikes midnight on the 31st of October -it’s Christmas! We typically get our decorations out mid November and my mom goes through the excruciating process of deciding what colour scheme or theme she wants for that year -and it takes quite some time. I always have a two foot tree in my room, which I put multi-coloured decorations on it which I have had since I was a baby. This year, as I’m staying at my boyfriends on Christmas eve I managed to talk him into having a small Christmas tree in his room too -you can’t wake up on Christmas day without a tree! 
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Shortbread & Tea Evenings 
One that is a bit indulgent, and definitely hasn’t helped our figures over the years is our Shortbread & Tea evenings. Obviously, Christmas can be a really stressful time and it can be all too easy to get swept up trying to do Christmas shopping and tie up loose ends at work so my mom and I have a little ritual we do each year. It’s not a daily thing but something we find ourselves doing each December. In the evening we’ll chill on the sofa’s, catching up with a cuppa and a tin of traditional Scottish shortbread from M&S… yes, dunking is involved. I know it’s such a simple one, but it’s so lovely winding down in the evening without getting carried away watching youtube or overdoing it with work or studying. Just simply eat, slurp, and chill
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Christmas Eve 
Now this is one that has slightly changed over the years. When I was younger, we would wake up before the crack of dawn and head into London. We would queue outside Harrods for opening time to go see Santa. We’d be given cookies and their’d be entertainers while we waited. After we’d seen him we would then go to the Christmas shop and just generally have a mooch around. We’d also have a MaccyD’s breakfast afterwards (when I say afterwards, this would usually be around 8 o’clock in the morning). But regardless of the early start and how tired I would be come mid-day, those Christmas Eve’s at Harrods were magical! And probably one of the few traditions my mom continued after my parents divorced. 
These days it has changed slightly. As much as my mother would still love to drag me to Santa Claus (if she could) we obviously no longer do that. Instead, we find out what time M&S opens at our local shopping centre, wait at the doors with our trolley, and then bundle in as soon as the doors are open. We get profiteroles for my mom (she always gets two pyramids -and eats both of them) and then we get Salmon for my nan. Yes, we could get these from anywhere but theres a second part to our tradition. After getting our bits and bobs, we head on up to the cafe at M&S and have breakfast with my nan before the hectic-ness of Christmas Eve. This is especially nice if it falls on a weekday and my nan has to then go to work. 
Boxing Day 
Again, boxing day has changed over the years but the past few years we have made a new tradition. We all fall into the car and drive to the coast. We have a wander around and soak up the sea air before heading to the ice cream parlour or finding a tea room. After such rich and heavy food on Christmas Day, it’s nice just getting out for some fresh air and not really having to hold yourself to a timescale to see everyone and go everywhere like you usually have to do with Christmas day. Sometimes we even take some leftovers or make some light sandwich to snack on while we’re out and about. 
So those are just a few of my family’s traditions, what are yours? 
Cheerio for now! 

Tropic | In The Best Hands

In The Best Hands Collection 
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From the many posts I have produced about Tropic products, it’s pretty evident that it is my favourite brand -I just love their products! If you don’t know who Tropic are or what their brand is about, head on over here and have a quick read about them before continuing this post. On to the product…
I noticed this hand collection some time ago and was eager to get my hands on it, but with moving and life in general it just was put on the back burner and forgotten about until my birthday. I knew I wanted to try it and there was nothing I really wanted or needed for my birthday so I directed a lot of people to my wantfeed page (where this little gem of a collection was residing). My boyfriend gifted me this collection for my birthday …but he didn’t know what it was or who Tropic were. It’s quite amusing to receive a gift from someone and then have them ask what it is once you’ve opened it. 
Anyways, Tropic In the Best Hands collection is a bedtime ritual to achieve softer hands overnight. It contains a Hand Smooth Revitalising Polish, Soft Touch Intensive Hand Mask, and Bamboo Gloves. 
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The hand smooth is an exfoliating polish which, I’m not going to lie, is quite gritty at first touch but once you start massaging it against the skin and then start rinsing it off, it melts into the most beautifully silky texture on your hands. 
To use: simply massage onto rough or dry hands, and then rinse with warm water. My personal advice would be not to go too hot with the water but just a luke warm to rinse it off nicely. 
This hand mask is super rich in its formulation and incredibly moisturising. I was apprehensive about the word ‘Intensive’ being used in the title and I did wonder whether the product would live up to that title but it did that and more. 
To use: Once you’ve dried your hands from the rinsing of the revitalising polish, apply a generous layer working it into every rough patch on your hands and then whip your bamboo gloves on and leave them overnight to let your hands soak up all the goodness of the mask. (Side note: I have done this process throughout the day, going through the steps and leaving the gloves on while I study). 
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I had been suffering from insanely dry hands during October and November (I think from the temperature change and having to have a heater on in my room) so this hand collection has come in so handy and really been a god send for me. I’d definitely recommend it to anyone who suffers from dry or rough hands, or anyone who just loves giving their skin a little TLC. Also, before I forget, the website says this product is limited edition so if you do want to give it a go, I’d suggest getting your hands on it sooner rather than later. 
Have you ever tried this product? What did you think? 
Cheerio for now! 

Inspire Me Lately

*side note: I wrote this post two months ago and totally forgot to post it: but I suppose it’s better late than never! 

There’s been a lot of things inspiring me lately, here are a few of them…

  • This video from Jenn at Clothes Encounters. In this video, she recreated looks inspired by famous works of art. I absolutely love this video and the way it mixes art with fashion and almost and quirky, fancy dress element. I also love that she discusses each painting and a little bit about its’ background -as someone who has studied art history, I really appreciated that. 
  • I have listened to The Ladygang podcast on and off for just under a year now. I find that I’ll go ages without checking out my podcasts and then suddenly binge-listening to them all in a couple of days. When this happens I find that I love one or two episodes way more than the others. This time it was the Whitney Port episode and the Ru Paul one. Now as someone who has the box set for the Hills and the City -I loved the episode with Whitney Port, but the episode with Ru Paul was just on a whole other level of inspiring. His words and life views were beyond enlightening for me, and I think I listened to this episode at a point when I truly needed it. One motto that he mentioned which I absolutely fell in love with was ‘Unless they paying your bills, pay them bees no mind‘ -which I mean, is just perfect for me to keep in mind. I’m someone who gets too paranoid about what people think or how they’ll perceive what I do when in reality it doesn’t really matter all that much at all. 
  • I love this video from Violette at violette_fr. I love the way she chooses a different location for each of her videos and her looks appear so polished and well curated. The shots and camera work seems so natural and effortless while being true to the theme of the video. I also really enjoyed this video she produced a while back. 
  • I have also been loving the Youtube videos by Broadly lately. In particular there ones about Coco and Life as a fairytale princess. I absolutely loved the video about Coco. Although it feels quite bizarre for a six-year-old to be able to work Instagram, it is also lovely to see a child be so uniquely themselves without feeling judged or as though they need to follow the crowd. I feel as though Broadly’s videos do not sugar coat topics; they take you behind the scenes and show you the nitty-gritty details of things. For instance, their videos on Bulgaria’s Bride market and the most powerful witches in Romania were so informative but also truthful and respectful of the culture of the subject. I really enjoy their videos and would recommend to anyone who wants to watch something a little more informative or in more of documentary style. 
  • And last, but by no means least, is Paloma’s get ready video featured on Glossier’s youtube channel. I’ve been following Paloma on Instagram for some time now and as a fellow curvy woman, I find her so inspiring. I’d say coming across her instagram and other curvy models and activists, and seeing how at home they are with their own bodies have definitely made me feel a lot more at home in my own body. 
Cheerio for now!

What’s In My Bag | Matt & Nat

This is such a classic lifestyle post, which I do usually steer clear from but to be honest I love posts like this. I think there’s something quite interesting in seeing what people carry around with them so why not do my own post.

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First of all my bag is the Vignelli bag by the brand Matt & Nat, a Canadian brand which specialises in handbags made from vegan leather and recyclable goods (post to come on this brand, they are amazing!). I received this last Christmas, which was a total surprise because it is a very pricey bag at £125, but seen as I have used it every day ever since I think it was money well spent and the best present ever! I’d had my eye on the bag for over a year before I received it and I think it was pretty popular because whenever I managed to save the money to buy it (didn’t happen often) it just so happened to be out of stock. It comes in a variety of colours but I have it in the classic black. It has adjustable straps, a phone pocket inside, a small zip compartment inside, and a zipper pocket on the outside too. I absolutely love the outer zip pocket feature on this bag. It’s so ideal having this pocket there for security but also so you don’t have to rifle through the entire bag to find anything like your keys or phone. Anyway, I’ve rambled enough about the bag so onto what I keep inside.
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Purse 2x: I have two purses. One for cards and notes, and one for loose change. This seems bizarre to some but the purse I keep my cards and notes in is a red vintage leather purse which is a hand-me-down from my nan. It was handed down to her by her aunt and so there’s a family tie to that which I just can’t let go of. Not only that but it’s the ideal purse for me. The reason I have a purse for change is that I’m so conscious of breaking or damaging my red purse (I know, I’m ridiculous but I really love it and would hate for it to break). The change purse is just a simple coin pouch which is made out of a black sturdy material.
Keys: Pretty obvious but you can’t get anywhere without them.
Phone: This is usually in my hand or pocket, although I do often slip it in the outer zip section too.
Sunglasses: It doesn’t matter what time of the year it is, they are always in my bag. I’m a vampire, I need those bad boys to avoid the sun!
Lip Balm x2: I currently have two balms in my bag. This one by Forever, and this one by Winky Lux.
Tablet box: for my the many supplements I am currently on.
Compact mirror: I have a models own one.
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Medical Cards: I have an orange card from my local council which lets people know I am physically disabled. Usually, I am in my wheelchair but if, for whatever reason I am not, this card can let people know I am physically disabled and may need help in certain situations. I also have an ME alert card from the ME association which just alerts people to the fact that I have ME. It also has an emergency contact with it and my doctor’s details. 
A pouch full of bits and bobs: This is pretty much the miscellaneous section. In here I keep some blotting papers, an Eye Refresh by Tropic, a vast array of bobby pins and hair bands, a pen, Mackenzie smelling salts, strepsils, a radar key, Hydrocortisone cream, painkillers, tweezers, solid perfume, mints, earplugs, and a fidget spinner (because everyone in 2017 joined the fidget spinner phase at some point)
Snack: I also keep some cashew nuts or some sort of biscuit within my bag in case I need to eat before taking my medications. I also tend to get hangry. 
So that is everything I keep in my bag. Of course, every so often I do accumulate some receipts in the pit of my bag or slip a book in there but for the most part, everything listed above is what lives inside my bag. 
What’s the weirdest thing you keep in your bag? 
Cheerio for now! 
Photography: James Coleman

Sweater Weather

November has always been a little bit of an oddball for me. It’s that grey hazy zone between the blur of pumpkins and the scary masks of Halloween and then the red, green, and sparkly decorations of Christmas. November is almost a stopping off point, a period of respite before the stress and excitement of Christmas hits us all and comes around in the blink of an eye. It is also when the temperature drops and the air becomes a little chillier which means only one thing: it’s time for sweaters! 

I love my sweaters. As a disabled person, who is often in a wheelchair, it can get freezing really fast. Because of this, I have assembled a collection of trusty layers I always turn to around this time of the year. Of course, over time a few have been passed on to other hands and new ones acquired but I have three old faithful’s that I’d like to share today. 
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The first is this Beige cardigan from River Island. I got this about five years ago, as well as the same style but in an ochre yellow tone too. I love how effortless it looks but how incredibly cozy it is. I’d say I use it more indoors than outdoors because it works great as an extra layer, but it also comes in really handy to keep in the car and on my travels during October time too. This cardigan is essentially my ‘in-between seasons’ layer, and, where it’s buttonless, it works great to wrap around myself and just curl up in. 

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This second one, this jumper by the brand Staring at Stars at Urban Outfitters is also a golden oldie. My granddad has the most amazing knitted jumpers and I often joke that he needs to look after them so I can wear them one day (it sounds morbid but we’ve been doing it for years because he knows how much I love them). Anyway, I saw this jumper when I was about seventeen, I fell in love instantly but it was from urban outfitters and a little out my price range. A few days later my mom came in with it and my granddad had treated me to it however, it was a little snug (like ‘can’t-breathe’ snug) and I didn’t want to size up but I also didn’t want to take it back entirely so it was just shoved into a draw for years.  

I found it during moving house at the beginning of summer and tried it on, which to my delight it fit. Since then I have worn it whenever it has got a little bit nippy outside. It is quite a fine-knit but also very soft to wear so it’s perfect for those days when it is warm in the sun but cold in the shade. 
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Last but not least is this fluffy soft jumper from Topshop, again an old guy from the magic wardrobe (where clothes disappear for years). I don’t actually shop from any of the above shops no more, however, I hate being wasteful especially with clothes that still fit into my personal style. As I mentioned, this jumper is really soft, and quite baggy in shape but I love the pattern and colour. It is a bit more ‘out-there’ than what I would wear these days, however, I’m happy I bought it when I did. This jumper always makes me feel super festive and really gets me in the mood for Christmas. 
So, those are my favourite November warmers, do you have any items that you love bringing out this time of the year? 
Cheerio for now! 
Photography: James Coleman