Sunday: by the sea



After a busy week we piled into the car and headed East for a day by the coast, more precisely -Whitstable. It was Easter weekend so the town was swamped with everyone and their dogs. It was a bright and sunny day, with only a hint of breeze forcing the long sleeves to come down. We weaved in and out of the boutiques, book stores and florists, admiring neat treasures and trinkets, buying one of each and laughing with locals along the way. Surprisingly, I didn’t actually buy that much in the bookstore. Unfortunately they didn’t have the book I originally went in for *sob* so i had to order it in and we’ll pick it up another day; such a shame but it also means another trip to the bookstore is promised! Instead I came out with a few recommended books for my studies, and some notecards so all was not lost. 
We then went on to the florist, which just so happens to be my moms favourite shop. The florist is not only home to the prettiest fresh flowers and plants, but also ‘shabby chic’ signs, ornaments, vase’s, the best smelling candles, diffusers, and much more. If you compared our home to the florist, you’d think we were an advert for it! After spending a very long time in there (…and a lot of money) we eventually made out with bags upon bags, with me dragging my mom out of there and the shop tenders waving us off. 
It was then we settled down for some well deserved sustenance, in the form of dinner at the Tudor Tea Rooms. Crowded around our table, we delighted on platters, baguettes, omelettes and chips; myself a fish finger sandwich -an urban delicacy, within the common folk of Britannia. The tea rooms is a laid back yet communal setting where everyone is a friendly face. In summer it is packed with those enjoying the local festivals, in winter it is occupied with those avoiding the cold and cozying up by the wood-burning fireplace. The rooms filled with laughter, chatter and the occasionally “hello, what are you doing down here”; as we ate and slurped away. A few laughs later we were out of the door and headed back through the crowds, exploring narrow alleyways and lanes along the high street leading through to the coast. 
As the sea air hit us as we reached the seafront so did the realisation of how tired we truly were and so, we all fell back into the car before heading for a quick gelato in Broadstairs, and then headed home. Barely able to keep our eyelids open we made it home before collapsing in a heap on the sofa and then a few hours later browsing our purchases. My favourite purchase being a toss up between my Lavender, rose petals and Algues (exfoliant) soap bars from the Florist and my picture frame from The Clothing Horse. All in all, our Sunday was a pretty pleasant and chilled out day. 
How did you spend your Easter Sunday? 
Cheerio for now! 
Note to self; invent ‘scratch and sniff’ for digital screens so that everyone can smell just how great the soap bars smell. 

a trip to the bookshop

Just after i submitted my first TMA back in November, I decided to take some time away from the books to recharge. I was feeling drained but slightly anxious too, at the thought of getting my results -I thought writing it was bad enough, waiting for the result is ten times worse! With that in mind on the following Sunday we all piled into the car and headed for the coast, to Whitstable. We even managed to drag grandfather along with us, which is a miracle within itself.
It was a chilly day, with the coastal breeze making it that extra bit nippy. Whitstable is a quaint historic town, the road pathed with old stone and tiny shops and businesses lodged here and there down pokey alley ways. It’s a beautiful place at any time of the year, but not the most ideal place for a wheelchair user. Because of that we have to park as close as possible to the shops we want to have a look in. Of course the only shop I’m likely to want to go in is the bookshop, which I dragged everyone into.
You know when a dog sees their owner and they get all excited, wag their tail like crazy and jump about -that’s what I’m like when I see a bookshop; although as a chronically ill person the jumping around is more spiritual than physical. Whenever I go into the store I head straight for the Classics and start the excruciating process of picking and deciding which books I want, need and which I’ll eventually buy. It’s a tediously long process much to my families delight, but I eventually narrowed it down to four books -which I must point out is a record for me! By this point my family just agreed to get the books for me and get me out of there before I took up permanent residency. The adrenaline of being able to go in the book shop got a little too much, so I crashed in the car as the rest of the cronies dodged in and out of the rest of the shops.
Our day ended with a nice cruise and guided tour down memory lane from my grandpops -which I must admit was more like being in a jeep on a rally drive; fast drivers and leather seats are not a good mix! We ended up finishing our day with a nice roast -unfortunately I was too exhausted to even get through half of mine- and then headed home, where I flopped into bed, just like every other day. Why break the habit of a lifetime huh?

**i just realised how long this is getting so I shall save my reviews of my bookshop haul for another day.
Cheerio for now!
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