Studies | 16

I have been studying with the Open University since October 2014. This year I am studying module A215 Creative Writing, which will be my third year with the OU and my third module towards an open degree. Due to my health, I am a part-time student which means it will take twice as long as a full-time student but I will get there eventually. 

The A215 Creative Writing module was actually the module which attracted me toward studying with the Open University so in many ways my first two years of study weren’t just towards my degree but they were almost stepping stones to get to this module. The module is divided into five sections with it covering the creative process, writing fiction, poetry, life writing, and the final section is centered around going public with your writing. 

So far I have really enjoyed the module, and feel my writing has really improved in the short time I have been studying and practising certain techniques. I think a lot of people have this notion that writing is easy; that you sit, pour out a couple of sentences and then simply string them together. It doesn’t work quite like that. There is a lot that goes into it behind the scenes; such as freewriting, clustering, character creation, developing your style and voice, etc. 

While I have really enjoyed the module so far, that’s not to say that it has come without its’ difficulties. Through the writing process I have noticed that writing is subjective, and while I may think it is perfect at that moment in time I may go back to it a few days later and be appalled at myself for not picking up on certain mistakes or decide that I dislike the entire piece. Writing is something that happens within a moment in time and when you return, you may not necessarily like what you read. Another thing I have noticed is I make a lot of silly/simple mistakes like mistyping/writing words (using the wrong words, leaving out words, etc) and so reading aloud has become my best friend; which is also a great tool for testing punctuation and sentence lengths. 

I have really enjoyed this academic year so far. I can’t wait to look back to compare my first few pieces of work with my last few pieces when I complete this module. 

What do/did you study? 
Cheerio for now! 

Life Update: White Noise

Where have I been?

Well, this past (academic) year I have been a first year student with the OU, needlessly studying towards my degree from home. Of course I am only a part time student and most of time it’s a case of studying from bed but at least I’m able to study! The past year has been a huge learning curve for me, not only in getting back into a learning environment but also in terms of my health and listening to my body; which is crucial for anyone, regardless of their health status!

I think because I am now back in education, many assume that I’m better and have suddenly been cured; however this couldn’t be further from the truth. Looking back at this past year, in terms of my health has been the worst year to start a degree, but these things can’t be predicted. Not only that but I haven’t been in education for five years, so getting back into has been quite a transition; especially as I’m not the healthy person I once was and I can’t push my body to such extremes as I used to. Going back into education has been a huge ‘trial & error period’. I’ve had to readjust my study patterns according to my health, my (now useless) memory as well as my nocturnal body clock, urghh.

So that’s why I haven’t been around so much on here -any posts have been those scheduled in advance in light of the past month of numerous assignments and finals I’ve had to get through for the end of my module. The past few weeks have been utterly draining so it will probably take quite some time to get back to my usual self but hopefully once I’m there I will be able to post more -and hopefully get up to date on my bloglovin’ feed, which has reached a staggering 170 posts! Did someone say summer reading?

Hope you are all well,
Cheerio for now!

Where have I been?

I haven’t been on my Instagram account for around six or seven weeks -well thats a lie. I have been on it. I’ve been on there in brief, rare moments here and there. Checking up on friends, family members and some fellow spoonie pals. But i haven’t actually been on there and uploaded anything. Why? 
Well, I guess you could say I’ve been on a serious, and unintentional, ‘Instagram & Twitter cleanse’. Sure, I’ve broken this cleanse every now and then, but nevertheless this cleanse has still been on-going, and as i write this now -it’s still ongoing. I don’t know how this cleanse happened, but all a sudden I didn’t feel the need to use it or even feel like logging in. Lately, I’ve been feeling a little blue and slightly under the weather; as well as feeling bombarded by the number of things and sudden shifts going on in my life right now. It’s all been a little overwhelming. 
As a result of all these changes, the spare few moments that I’ve had free to myself have been, what can only be explained as, a god-send; for me not only to recharge in my solitude but also spend on studying towards my last assignments and exams of the year. Because of this I haven’t been on Instagram or Twitter much at all. I’ve had a browse through Instagram every now and then, and seen a few posts of some Spoonie pals but other then that nothing. I have to admit having that time away from social media came at just the right time and was precisely what I needed to recharge and refocus. I never thought what a difference social media made to my life. 
It was only last week, when I received a worried message from a Spoonie pal, asking if I was okay, that I thought maybe I should raise a flag or some smoke signals to let everyone know I’m alright and haven’t dropped off the face of the earth. All in all, this cleanse was probably the best thing for me, in this present time. I’ve had the time to myself, to grow and refocus on certain areas of my life which definitely needed a little extra attention. 
Ever had an insta-cleanse? 
Cheerio for now!