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Spring has always been the time we attach to the idea of new starts. The bitter winter weather subsides, nature buds its bright blooms and new life comes in the form of cute farm animals. I’ve never been all that fussed when it comes to spring. For me, it’s that odd time of the year when you don’t know whether you need to take a jacket out with you (what am I saying? I live in England, you always need a flipping jacket). Regardless of the fear of fashion faux-pas, and how stressful this spring has been for me, I have actually enjoyed it.

There has been a lot of change in my life lately. It’s almost as though everything has been stored up over time and now I finally have to deal with it all at the same time.

First of all, my year of studying Creative Writing has come to an end. I submitted my last assignment in May and that is it until I start my next module in October. Next year I will be studying a module called Reading and Studying Literature with The Open University, which will be my fourth module towards my degree. I’m looking forward to it, however, there is an exam at the end of the year which I am already nervous for (I get extremely anxious when it comes to exams).

Secondly, we have still not moved into our new house which is frustrating, to say the least. I have been living out of bags for five months now, and have lost a note of where most of my belongings are packed. Having said this, I have noticed what pieces that I own mean the most to me or are of the most use; and therefore, I have decided that once we are finally settled I need to purge a lot of my clothes and belongings. Another change in the family is that we have a new four-legged pal. His name is Vinnie and he is a fourteen-week-old chocolate Labradoodle. He is extremely laid back and very calm but has huge paws so we think he will grow to be a big dog.

And finally, I come to this space. I feel as though this place has taken a bit of a back seat for the past seven or eight months. I’m not going to make any excuses but I will say that I’m not okay with it. Throughout the rest of the year, I want to make more of an effort to be consistent and present with this space. However, I will say that while my life has and is changing in many ways -this space will too. As much as I love writing my book reviews and scouting out natural beauty products, I’ve also taken more of an interest in slow and minimal fashion as well as slow living in terms of interior. I’m looking forward to getting back into the routine of posting regularly.

Recent Favourites:
As always there are so many favourites I could put here (I’m thinking I should probably start producing dedicated ‘favourite’ posts). My Pink jacket, I purchased from ASOS, has come in so handy throughout Spring. English weather has been notoriously unpredictable so having a handy dandy, light jacket like this has been a godsend. It also goes with most of my clothes, which are predominantly grey and black. Another favourite is my film camera I picked up from Camden Market. It is a Halina 35x, originally released in 1959, which I picked up for £16! The last time I used a film camera was when I’d take disposable cameras with me on school trips so I’m looking forward to trying to master the art of film (I will no doubt write a post going into my film camera, and how I’m getting on with it, sometime soon).


I have been listening to a lot of podcasts and Spotify playlists. With drives to the beach becoming more frequent now the warmer weather is here, podcasts and finding new music on Spotify has been a reoccurring pattern. At the moment I am loving listening to the Unexplained podcast (I have a post coming up soon which mentions this more). I also have been blaring a lot of Of Monsters and Men and Oh Wonder lately, along with more recent finds like Coco and The Butterfields (my new loves) and Lord Huron.
I know this sounds super cheesy writing this but, I suppose the thing I have been enjoying the most this spring is time spent with my boyfriend. New relationships are always exciting but due to the ‘hectic-ness’ of my life lately, time spent together has seemed extra special. Probably my favourite memory from this spring has been seeing Coco & the Butterfields at the City Sound Project in Canterbury. That day was pretty great, plus I got him to get a glitter beard which was amazing.


Star Wars -yes, you read correctly. Having recently visited the Star Wars Identities exhibition at the o2, I needed to make sure my Star Wars knowledge was up to scratch. I had caught sections of certain movies, but never sat and watched the whole duration of any one given film to pick up the narrative or who the characters were. I have to say, Chewbacca and the Ewoks are my favourites. Another thing I have been enjoying watching is a series called The Tudors on Netflix. Growing up I loved anything to do with Henry VIII, his wives and children; so I am absolutely loving this series. I am nearing the end, but I do hope that they continue producing series’ that follow the reigns of Edward, Mary and Elizabeth (*spoiler, I don’t think they will. Waaa).

What have been the highlights of your Spring?
Cheerio for now!
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The Shell Grotto, Margate

I first found out about The Shell Grotto in Margate through this post, from Sophie Davies at The Private Life of a Girl. Reading about it and seeing her images made me instantly want to visit this little hidden gem. I have visited Margate since I was young, and my beach hut is on the bay just round from Margate beach so I couldn’t help but wonder –how haven’t I heard of it before now? And then a special little Sunday rolled around and I got to finally experience The Shell Grotto. Okay, so it wasn’t special but it was one of those ‘no plan’ days which turned out to be a pretty great day.

The Shell Grotto is a picturesque cave around 100ft long, entirely adorned with shells. It was discovered in 1835 but to this day nobody knows when or why it was built. With no mentioning of it in any historic documents, we don’t even know who created it. The grotto consists of the North passage you use to enter the grotto, the Rotunda, the Dome, the Serpentine Passage, and the Altar Chamber. From the moment you enter the Rotunda, you are in the presence of 4.6 million shells (wonder how long it took to collect them all). Of course, since the Grotto was opened to the public in 1838, and the site is too small to prevent visitors from touching the shells, there are signs of wear and tear throughout the site; however, this doesn’t prevent you from enjoying the beauty of the site.

Although we do not know anything about its’ purpose, and at this point, we will probably never get any real answers, I do think this is what draws people to this attraction. Because of its’ unexplained existence, it is shrouded in mystery and I think that is what people find themselves drawn to. There is so much we know these days and very little in our world that is undiscovered. It’s nice to go somewhere, experience it, ask your questions and ponder over your theories; all while you wander through its’ chilly passages.

Sunday: by the sea



After a busy week we piled into the car and headed East for a day by the coast, more precisely -Whitstable. It was Easter weekend so the town was swamped with everyone and their dogs. It was a bright and sunny day, with only a hint of breeze forcing the long sleeves to come down. We weaved in and out of the boutiques, book stores and florists, admiring neat treasures and trinkets, buying one of each and laughing with locals along the way. Surprisingly, I didn’t actually buy that much in the bookstore. Unfortunately they didn’t have the book I originally went in for *sob* so i had to order it in and we’ll pick it up another day; such a shame but it also means another trip to the bookstore is promised! Instead I came out with a few recommended books for my studies, and some notecards so all was not lost. 
We then went on to the florist, which just so happens to be my moms favourite shop. The florist is not only home to the prettiest fresh flowers and plants, but also ‘shabby chic’ signs, ornaments, vase’s, the best smelling candles, diffusers, and much more. If you compared our home to the florist, you’d think we were an advert for it! After spending a very long time in there (…and a lot of money) we eventually made out with bags upon bags, with me dragging my mom out of there and the shop tenders waving us off. 
It was then we settled down for some well deserved sustenance, in the form of dinner at the Tudor Tea Rooms. Crowded around our table, we delighted on platters, baguettes, omelettes and chips; myself a fish finger sandwich -an urban delicacy, within the common folk of Britannia. The tea rooms is a laid back yet communal setting where everyone is a friendly face. In summer it is packed with those enjoying the local festivals, in winter it is occupied with those avoiding the cold and cozying up by the wood-burning fireplace. The rooms filled with laughter, chatter and the occasionally “hello, what are you doing down here”; as we ate and slurped away. A few laughs later we were out of the door and headed back through the crowds, exploring narrow alleyways and lanes along the high street leading through to the coast. 
As the sea air hit us as we reached the seafront so did the realisation of how tired we truly were and so, we all fell back into the car before heading for a quick gelato in Broadstairs, and then headed home. Barely able to keep our eyelids open we made it home before collapsing in a heap on the sofa and then a few hours later browsing our purchases. My favourite purchase being a toss up between my Lavender, rose petals and Algues (exfoliant) soap bars from the Florist and my picture frame from The Clothing Horse. All in all, our Sunday was a pretty pleasant and chilled out day. 
How did you spend your Easter Sunday? 
Cheerio for now! 
Note to self; invent ‘scratch and sniff’ for digital screens so that everyone can smell just how great the soap bars smell. 

April Showers

So as many know, British weather is notoriously fickle all year round. We can have snow showers in March and blazing sun in November. It makes it pretty difficult to dress or be prepared for spur-of-the-moment weather changes and so, we find ourselves packing multiple items in our handbag; on standby for those desperate moments of need. 
As we’ve drawn closer and closer to April, i’ve noticed that a lot of shops are getting umbrellas in stock; in a variety of shapes, sizes and colours. Of course, April is known for the saying “April showers, bring May flowers”, and when i think of April i can’t help but think of Umbrella’s, Rain macs and wellington boots. -As well as this number from Glee… 
With all this in mind, i got a little carried away on polyvore and composed this little piece; instilled with all things that make me think of this April Showers quote, as well as a few bits i can’t live without when venturing out on a rainy day. Enjoy 
What comes to mind when you think of April? 
Cheerio for now! 

Spring Awakening; A trip to the park

Greenwich Park is one of the Royal parks and is known for being the home of The Royal Observatory, The National Maritime Museum and Old naval College, as well as it’s panoramic views across and beyond the Thames. All that is swell and pretty impressive, but what i love most is its spacious greenland playing host to nature and mother earth of all shapes and sizes. From it’s colourful flower beds to its hundreds of year old ancient trees, to it’s huge family of squirrels and ducks, as well as their deer park. With a number of path and walk ways, the park is accessible for all and is perfect for a day out. 

My favourite time to visit the park is around September-Novemember; it’s so pretty watching the trees surrender to the autumn season; though i must admit after a harsh winter, of both health and studies, i was raring to get out the house and back to that park. I’ve been visiting Greenwich Park since i was a child, and yet overtime i revisit i discover something new. For instance; i just found out that theres a Rose Garden! I’m already mentally planning this next venture there in my mind, who’s in?

We gathered some monkey nuts, bird seeds and a few picnic bits and set off. We arrived to find and quiet, and peacefully still park. With very few around, we delighted in taking a stROLL around, and headed for the duck pond whilst taking in the dawn of the awakening season. Everything looked the same, yet completely different. The trees stood tall, strong; like an elder brother watching over us. The bushes and flowerbeds whispered as the breeze whipped by, waving to us as we walked by. The squirrels somehow familiar, stop and starring, greeting us like old friends as they rushed by. 

We breathed in that last bit of fresh air, from that hilltop before sliding into the car and heading over blackheath back homeward bound. Our first trip of the year had been a success. Recharged and refreshed from the claustrophobic spell winter held over us, we’d been awakened to the new season. A Spring awakening. 

Have you had your spring awakening yet? 
Cheerio for now! 

March Musings

This past month -well few months- i’ve been a little all over the place. I’m in my last block of this (academic) years studies, and can honestly not wait for summer to commence! I’ve always been an autumn to winter kinda chick, with my heart skipping a beat just at the thought of crisp orange leaves and oversized scarves; though this year theres been a bit of a change and i’ve found myself lusting over sunday drives in the countryside, pimms in the park and skinny dipping at the seaside. 
As well as my seasonal preferences shifting, i’ve also found myself leaning to more ‘spring-like’ bits and bobs, with accents of a more fresher and feminine feel then my usual vibe. I honestly feel more comfortable in dark earthy colours but lately I’ve been embracing more of the lighter and brighter tones and textures, which ordinarily i would never go for. Here are a few items i’ve had my eye on… 
What have been your March Musings? Had your eye on anything or had a spring awakening? 
Cheerio for now!

Spring & Easter Picks

Today marks the first day of Spring. Spring, for me, is a bit of an odd duckling. Living in Britain means that the weather is of course notoriously fickle and we never know when or what the weather will do. Spring usually means it starts to get warm, though i can remember a few years back when, here in South East England, we had heavy snow showers and severe weather warnings in April -April! 

Over the past couple of years i’ve got myself into the useful habit of getting into seasonal spirit through seasonal decorations, traditions and of course yummy recipes. This year is no different; so here is my Spring musings moodboard. Lot’s of yellow, bunnies and daffodils. Ofcourse Easter is in Spring and i did include a couple of references -though i was shocked at how little collection of items or objects steered towards the real celebration of Easter. Sort it out Polyvore! 
What makes you think of Spring? 
Stay tuned for some scummy Easter recipes,
Cheerio for now!