Make Your Bed

Make Your Bed: Small things that can change your life… and maybe the world, William H. McRaven 

Have you ever read a book and had to just sit and take a moment for its powerful words to sink in? Have you ever thought to yourself that you’ll just read another chapter? And another? And before you know it, it’s gone 1am and you only have two chapters left to complete it. You realise it will end soon and you suddenly feel sad -that’s what this book did to me. Part of me wanted to soak up every ounce of his inspiring words and part of me didn’t want it to ever end.

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In this book, McRaven shares 10 lessons he learned during the 37 years of his life as a Navy SEAL. These lessons, as he shows, aren’t just applicable to a life in military but to life in general. They really are simple yet life-changing. His words have an authenticity to them which I have never experienced in anyones writing before. It provides timeless advice, that is so simple however it’s told with such encouragement and optimism that you can’t help but feel moved and motivated. Each chapter states its lesson, goes onto to give you a bit of background about how he came about this lesson, an example of this lesson being practised and then finishes off with a strong summary: that quite honestly sets your soul on fire. -I know, I sound corny, but it really does happen like that. You feel pumped and like you could kickass! A quick snippet…

Start each day with a task completed. Find someone to help you through life. Respect everyone. Know that life is not fair and that you will fail often. But if you take some risks, step up when times are toughest, face down the bullies, lift up the downtrodden, and never, ever give up-if you do these things, then you can change your life for the better… and maybe the world! 

Now, to be honest, I didn’t know what to expect when I ordered this. I’d came across it in Liv’s, from what olivia did, youtube video about the books she wanted to crack open this year. This was one of them and I just felt drawn to it. With a little summary from her and a few days later an Amazon package in hand, I was set to go!
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My personal favourite is Chapter 5: failure can make you stronger (don’t be afraid of the circus). This chapter had me overwhelmed with emotion (and let me tell you, I can be a real cold b*tch -so thats saying something people!). This chapter told us how McRaven and his swim partner kept falling short on their swims in their SEAL training, and when you were letting the rest of your team down you were slung in the circus -essentially extra training in the evening, but the most badass, and hardcore training sessions ever! McRaven states that most people end up quitting from the circus because the next day your not only exhausted from your normal training but the extra circus sessions too. It becomes an endless cycle of exhaustion and the weak fall off from this routine. However, he and his swim partner were determined not to give up and they didn’t. Instead they pushed through the pain and the exhaustion and something better happened. They became better, stronger, and faster than the rest of the team. So much better than they’re team mates that they would finish first in their swimming training with the second pair not even in sight! (I probably didn’t do that story justice, and McRaven would probably throw me into the circus for how poorly I described that -but I just love that chapter!).

Overall, I loved this book. The chapters are short and easy to read and because of that, I know i’ll be flipping back through certain chapters when I’m in need a boost. I would recommend this to anyone, regardless of where they are in their lives. I truly believe theres something everyone can take from this incredible book of wisdom.

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Almost Adulting

Almost Adulting, Arden Rose 

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As a budding almost ‘adult’, loose use of that word, I constantly feel in a grey hazy space of fear. That grey space often turns red with panic, fear, and sometimes even despair. Yup, I suck at being an adult. It’s odd because I’m twenty-two and I have ‘adult-ish’ stuff happening around me, I sometimes feel like I make ‘mature’ decisions, but yet I also feel like an anxious seventeen year old fearing the time that I’ll have to move out and try to figure things out myself. Contradicting myself -I do really want to move out, it’s been an itch I’ve had that I can’t seem to scratch. See what I mean? I’m a mess not an adult. That is where this book comes in. 
As a subscriber to Arden’s channel, I saw her video back in 2016 and was immediately excited at the idea of an easy-to-read, experienced guide at how to ‘adult’ from one of my favourite youtubers. As someone who moved away from her family, six hours away to LA when she was only eighteen I figured she’d have some insight on how to ‘adult’. 
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This book was such a quick read for me. I completed it in a few nights and felt so much more at ease at the thought of being an ‘adult’ or more so about my ability to be an adult. Divided into bitesized chunks it covers everything from living on your own, adult responsibilities like washing and bills, sex life, health, relationships, family, and whole bunch of other information squeezed in too. I loved the conversational tone of the book. It came across so friendly but at the same didn’t sugar coat you from the bitter truth of getting adult sh*t done. 
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As a twenty-two year old young woman still living with the family, but quickly outgrowing my family home, I was surprised and partially relieved to be quite familiar with some of the topics and ideas in the book already. It made me feel like I already have a bit of handle on things already. Having said this, there was also a plethora of info which I found so reassuring: the main thing being the content covering self-confidence, body image and mental health. The idea that ultimately i’m on the right course and it’s okay to not be okay, as long as you reach for help when you need it. 
I really enjoyed this read and would recommend it to anyone, especially budding ‘adults’. I think this is a book that I need to keep hold for my younger relatives. 
Have you ever read Almost Adulting? What did you think? 
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Book Review: It’s not how good you are, It’s how good you want to be

It’s not how good you are, It’s how good you want to be 
-Paul Arden 
It's not how good you are, it's how good you want to be

Quite a short, compact book It’s not how good you are, it’s how good you want to be by Paul Arden was a fast and inspiring book to read. Full with personally and professional advice, both for the corporate employee and the creative folks, this made for a really interesting read; and really opened my mind about my own career path. From failures to strokes of luck, Arden discusses is it all and motivates you to see these situations in different lights. It’s almost as though this book is preparing you for every situation you could possibly be put in, in your career. For this reason, I would say it would probably make a great gift for someone graduating, leaving school or maybe even someone who has recently left a job or changing jobs. Where it is a short and fast read, it’s also pretty ideal for those short of time. 

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