The Hut: Evenings

Sometimes it’s just nice sitting by the sea. Breathing in the fresh breeze and evening air. Being cleansed by that salty, seaweed scent. The sun slowly setting across the horizon, shining those last few scorching rays before disappearing for another day. Those evenings are nice: simple, even. But ultimately blissful. 

Cheerio for now! 

The Hut: the First Dip of the Season

As many of our days are going now, our days usually start with a look at the weather forecast. It’s generally the first few days of the week we head for that sunny bay. Sometimes it’s glorious sunshine, other times the wind picks up quite fiercely and wind surfers swarm the beach in packs. Whatever the weather we always have a good time, and nothing puts us off a trip to the hut. 

This particular day was sunny and warm, with blue skies surrounding us. We sat in the sun, drunk in the salty air and generally watched the world go by. The tide slowly went out as folks bought their canoes and paddle boards down for an evening glide along the waters ever-changing shimmering surface. Before our time was up, at the bay, we headed down to the waterside to dip our toes in the warm water for the first time. The foamy waves greeted us, along with masses of seaweed and shells of all shapes and sizes. After drudging along the waters edge for a little longer than expected, we eventually managed to get back to the hut dry off and then head home; napping on the way home to a nice brew and some hearty grub’. 
Cheerio for now!

The Hut: An Extra Coat

The day finally came to finish the first coat of those strips. For so long the sides of the doors were done but not the top. None of us were able to get up on the step-ladder and get the job done -hence waiting for the granpops to get the job done; which led us to this day. As the evening set in we got it all done and dusted; and got take a step back to look at our final product. (still needs an extra coat; but its coming together quite nicely!

What do you think? 
Cheerio for now! 

The Hut: DIY

Sun still blazing, clouds rolling in from the West; as we cruise into the esplanade. Unloaded the roadster, down the staircase, then hit by the sight of gentle waves and the smell of salty air. 
With neighbours just leaving and bystanders in awe, we flung open the hut and started our DIY session. Paint cans and timber out, with screws and drills at the ready we embarked on our session. Working away getting the hut more and more complete as a breezy spring evening set in; every now and then stopping to chat to neighbours, bystanders and a few four-legged friends. 

Chatting away to neighbours, who turned out to be from our hometown. 49 miles from home, and bumping into friendly chic’s n’ chaps from across our town. One thing leads to another and you realise you have mutual friends, as well as some other odd little coincidences. As the day draws to an end and with all the chores and tasks done for the day, along with being covered in dried paint, a unanimous vote told us to pack up and hit the road for home. But not before stopping at the harbour for some traditional fish and chips, drenched in salt and vinegar -it’s a British thing! 

Cheerio for now!

The Hut: A Sunny Evening By the Sea

A bad day with a blissful ending. 

 After a rough night and not exactly ‘good’ day, we decided to take a trip to the hut for the evening. It was too much for me to change so instead I just shrugged on a hoodie, some fuzzy socks and my big boots. I bundled into the car, where i snuggled down with my hot water bottle before our car journey commenced. Before joining the winding roads and highways which would lead us to, what was becoming, our second home -that faithful hut; we grabbed a cold coke from the drive-thru before weaving onto the highway. 

Our journey was relatively easy, barring the jolting pain from potholes every now and then; which was utterly agonising. We got to the beach, to find skies of blue and shining sun, the type that as it starts to lower into the horizon goes bright, and beams beautiful shades of orange & gold hues everywhere. We decided on getting a couple of chairs out and simply watching the world go by; a blissful pass-time in my family. The breeze built every-so-often carrying the scent of salty waters and seaweed entwined with one another. The movement of the waters edge, greeting us reluctantly as the tide slowly swept out of the bay. The combination of noises; seagulls overhead, water to our side and the whisper of the long layer of grass covering the hilltops merged into a quiet type of buzz. The silence and stillness of that moment surrounded us, as we were left to sit there and dilly-daydreaming of what was yet to come. 

Cheerio for now! 

The Hut: The First Cup of Tea

After that close call with the first camping stove, we decided to take some major precautions with our fire safety knowledge and make sure all our equipment was the right specifications to use with our other gadgets and gizmos. Having done this, we were ready to take on the mission again: a cup of tea. 

Still getting the hang of beaching it’, and with the warm weather not quite kicking in yet it was the perfect moment to get the kettle going for that perfect brew. With a fresh batch of biscuits at the ready we enjoyed every sip of that first cup -even more knowing nothing and no one was harmed in the process of making it! 

Cheerio for now!

The Hut: Close Calls and New Neighbours

Having got all our gear loaded in the car and getting the flooring laid down, we decided it was time to start getting the shelves, signs and general decor done. We started with the shelving, as this was going to be our main storage it was generally the most important and most time consuming of it all. 

still intact after our fire drill 
Having dragged my grandfather down to do the task at hand we set about our own little tasks whilst he tinkered and tampered with timber or all shapes and sizes. This day was very eventful to say the least. This was actually the day that my mother almost set light to the hut along with my grandfather and I cornered inside it. All I can say is a lot of swearing and shouting followed that eventful moment, as well as some severe shakes. Ironically enough, she was actually trying to get the stove going so we could make a cup of tea and once the whole scene was over we all could’ve done with a cupa to calm our nerves! 

That was actually the day we met one of our neighbours -so you can imagine the great first impression we made on them. Needless to say, the rest of our day went well, there were no other casualities and definitely learnt our lesson the hard way. Fire safety is no joke kids. The weather was beaut and we did get those shelves done so mission accomplished! 

Cheerio for now! 

The Hut: The First Day

As I mentioned in my last post, I am now the owner of a beach hut. 
The location of my hut is at West Brook Bay, a quiet little beach just round from Margate which I’ve been visiting since I was about six or seven years old. It’s my favourite beach and is where I’ll often be found during the summer season. Throughout the process of getting our hut we have collected gadgets and gizmos a plenty -you just sang that, didn’t you?-, along with numerous DIY and decoration bits and bobs for the hut as well. It’s been a long -yet fun, process of getting everything ready for the day we finally moved into the hut: the 1st of April. 

When April finally swung round, excitement was in the air as we all fell into the car and headed to the bay to see our hut being put up. That day was pretty special and marked the beginning of a beautiful chapter in our lives; where we would make some amazing memories with friends and family as well as meet some new friendly faces. The process of getting everything in place has been some-what longer than we thought -purely because it’s our first year there and we’re learning as we go along. As I write this now we are in the middle of painting and ‘DIY-ing’ which is a fun process; I feel like we’re on some sort of DIY show, transforming the place into our own little oasis. 

Naturally, I have taken a ton of photos over the course of time, which of course hope to put up here in due course; there truly are so many that I think it best I just stick to the ones from the first day… 

Though there were clear skies and glorious sunshine, there was also super strong wind which was a little too tough for my dry skin but ultimately what I needed to knock the stuffing outta me!

Having now spent a fair amount of time down at the bay, we’ve become familiar with the regulars. A lot of them are dog walkers like the lady with the golden retriever who always stops for a chat, and the dude with the dalmatian -who’s name is Bonnie; then this guy. Having seen him several times, on his regular jog I have subsequently named him ‘the running man’ and am convinced the emoji was made with him in mind… I’m not a people watcher or nothing though…

My keys! After finding out we were getting a beach hut, I instantly knew what key chain I had to get for the keys. When I think about the beach I automatically think of fish and chips; so naturally this keychain is the perfect fit! I got it from a boutique called Mosaic in Whitstable. I have quite a few key chains from there already, so, naturally, why not keep the collection going!?

As I said before these are just a few of my photos taken throughout this process; I have truly taken a ton of photos! So apologies in advance for the many ‘photo-&-commentary’ posts coming your way. I think it’s evident that when I’m fit and able to leave the house I go a little snap-happy.

Cheerio for now!

The Hut: Poseidon Place

If you follow me on Instagram, you will know that I am now the proud owner and resider of a beach hut. If your a follower, on here, you might remember me mentioning my absence from Instagram and consequently what had caused this here. There was one other reason which i couldn’t reveal just yet, purely because I was so excited, and that was my beach hut. 

Back in February, we received a phone call to say that we had the opportunity to get our hands on a beach hut at our favourite and usual beach spot at WestBrook Bay. We instantly got excited at just the thought of it and so immediately started thinking of all the things we’d want or need in there, what colour we would paint it, whereabouts on the bay it would be, etc. It was a moment of sheer excitement, and we surrendered to a greater force of utter euphoria; along with surrendering to the urge of hopping in the car and speeding it to the bay, which was insanely windy and literally blew the winter cobwebs away!  

As i said, that was in February so this has been in the works for a few months now, and has taken up a lot of time and energy preparing for. Every spare moment since that phone call has gone towards accumulating all our necessary bits and bobs for it. This included numerous trips to IKEA, Dunelm, Costco, TKMaxx, ASDA home, and a lot of DIY stores, as well as the unhealthy amount of online spending on my bank account. We’ve spent a lot of evenings down at the hut -mostly in pjs-, fixing shelves, hanging curtains, signs, putting together camping equipment and furniture,etc. It has been a fun project which the whole family has been involved with, along with some family friends also. 
Throughout this time, I have taken numerous photographs as well as some videos to make a neat little compilation for you all to have a peak of the process; this being the first of the series. The summer season for beach-hutters is from 1st April-30th September, so be warned lots of beachy posts coming your way!

What are your plans for the summer season?
Cheerio for now!