The Hut: Evenings

Sometimes it's just nice sitting by the sea. Breathing in the fresh breeze and evening air. Being cleansed by that salty, seaweed scent. The sun slowly setting across the horizon, shining those last few scorching rays before disappearing for another day. Those evenings are nice: simple, even. But ultimately blissful. Cheerio for now! Instagram | Twitter | Pinterest | Tumblr | Bloglovin'

The Hut: the First Dip of the Season

As many of our days are going now, our days usually start with a look at the weather forecast. It’s generally the first few days of the week we head for that sunny bay. Sometimes it’s glorious sunshine, other times the wind picks up quite fiercely and wind surfers swarm the beach in packs. Whatever… Continue reading The Hut: the First Dip of the Season

The Hut: A Sunny Evening By the Sea

A bad day with a blissful ending.  After a rough night and not exactly ‘good’ day, we decided to take a trip to the hut for the evening. It was too much for me to change so instead I just shrugged on a hoodie, some fuzzy socks and my big boots. I bundled into the car,… Continue reading The Hut: A Sunny Evening By the Sea

The Hut: The First Cup of Tea

After that close call with the first camping stove, we decided to take some major precautions with our fire safety knowledge and make sure all our equipment was the right specifications to use with our other gadgets and gizmos. Having done this, we were ready to take on the mission again: a cup of tea. Still… Continue reading The Hut: The First Cup of Tea

The Hut: Close Calls and New Neighbours

Having got all our gear loaded in the car and getting the flooring laid down, we decided it was time to start getting the shelves, signs and general decor done. We started with the shelving, as this was going to be our main storage it was generally the most important and most time consuming of… Continue reading The Hut: Close Calls and New Neighbours

The Hut: Poseidon Place

If you follow me on Instagram, you will know that I am now the proud owner and resider of a beach hut. If your a follower, on here, you might remember me mentioning my absence from Instagram and consequently what had caused this here. There was one other reason which i couldn’t reveal just yet, purely… Continue reading The Hut: Poseidon Place