Christmastide ’22

This past Christmas season was hectic in so many ways for me but though it all, I had some really great moments. I always take random photos here and there. Some of them make it to my insta while others just get lost in my camera roll. I wanted to share some here as a… Continue reading Christmastide ’22

Photo Diary: Sketch, London

March is always a really busy month for meant this past march was no different. I have a lot of loved ones who have birthdays in march along with Mother's day too, but this year I also had my Graduation and I had also decided to treat two of my favourite people; my mom and… Continue reading Photo Diary: Sketch, London

Physical Photographs

I love photos. They never change, even when the people inside them do. They just stay frozen with the characters stuck in time. As much as technology is great these days (-borderline 'scary-great') I miss the beauty of physical photographs. As a child, I remember my mom collecting film reels to take to the local… Continue reading Physical Photographs