Photo Diary: Sketch, London

March is always a really busy month for meant this past march was no different. I have a lot of loved ones who have birthdays in march along with Mother’s day too, but this year I also had my Graduation and I had also decided to treat two of my favourite people; my mom and my godmother, to a trip to Sketch for afternoon tea in The Gallery.

The Gallery used to be that iconic pink velvet room that was an instagrammer’s heaven and so you’d see it strewn across there on the regs. More iconic though, are the toilets. A unisex toilet, full of individual pods and overlooked by a multicoloured, glass-panelled ceiling; which makes you feel like you’re in a psychedelic dream. There was a moment when I thought my pod was going to take me off to the spaceship waiting for me.

Sketch was such a cool experience. The decor was so quirky and whimsical, it felt so playful and you can’t help but feel happy in a place like that. The ambience was lovely too. The Gallery had recently been refurbished by Yinka Shonibare, who has transformed it into a yellow dream with African-inspired art pieces. I had never seen the synonymous pink in person however my mom and godmother had and said the yellow was such easier and calmer on the eyes; which I can attest to. The yellow felt so calming and mellow. They do have a diorama in the foyer of what the gallery looked like when it was pink which is great too. What added to the experience was also the string trio who came out and did sets. They did so many great renditions whilst we were there but my favourites were Skyfall, Golden Brown, Shut up and dance with me, and so many others.

I took so many photos whilst I was at Sketch and while they haven’t graced my instagram page just yet, I couldn’t resist not sharing them here too.

I can’t wait to visit sketch again. I have already told bearded boyfriend that we need to go there together because I know he’ll get a kick out of the decor. I also know a good friend of mine will love it there so I may have to take her when her birthday rolls around.

Have you been to Sketch? What did you think?

Cheerio for now!

Physical Photographs

I love photos. They never change, even when the people inside them do. They just stay frozen with the characters stuck in time.

As much as technology is great these days (-borderline ‘scary-great’) I miss the beauty of physical photographs. As a child, I remember my mom collecting film reels to take to the local photo shop to have developed. Weeks later we would go back and she’d come back to the car with stacks of photo packets. She’d spend so many evenings sorting them into photo albums and writing notes on the back about the occasion within the photo. What do we do now? We post them to facebook or Instagram, get some likes and comments and then that’s it, they are forgotten forever. *sad

In 2015, I got a polaroid camera and fell back in love with physical photographs. Sure the quality isn’t as defined but it is still a nostalgic luxury to hold your photographs -instantly, might I add. This process has spurred me to make an effort to print out my photographs and organise my own photo albums. Something to look back on, just like my mom is able to do. 

When was the last time you got your photos printed off? 
Cheerio for now!