On The Radar: Colouring Craze

Colouring Books - Escape to Wonderland & Alice's adventures in Wonderland

Vintage Colouring Books - Bygones & Vintage
colouring book - official harry potter colouring book
For around a year now there seems to have been a serious trend going with colouring books. Suddenly they were everywhere. I’ve always seen mindfulness colouring books but instead of patterns, there’s now all sorts going around. Vogue ones for fashionistas, Shakespeare and Alice in wonderland ones for the bookworms, even city and destination ones for those with the travel bug.
For Christmas, I received a couple of Alice ones and since then I’ve collected a few vintage ones too. I love the illustrations in the vintage ones, the old-school sweets, toys, teacups -urgh they make my heart burst a little. 
These books are great for a lazy Sunday, to get carried away with after a stressful day or even for something to do on a flight or train journey! There’s something so therapeutic and blissful about zoning out of reality and getting lost in an illustrated world of colouring for awhile. 
Have you got any Colouring books? Which is your favourite? 
Cheerio for now! 

About Tropics

Tropic Brand Bag - (Colourful Tropic Leaves)
Tropic Brand bag
I recently tried to write a post about my everyday products by Tropic, but each time I started to derail off topic and go on a tangent of how amazing the brand is, their principles, etc. Knowing how much I hate those rambling posts I decided the only way was to produce this post with everything you need to know about the brand before you get bombarded by all my lovestruck, gushing posts about the products. Let’s begin*

Tropic Products - Superfood Hand Therapy, Eye Refresh & Body Smooth
What is Tropic? 
Tropic is a skincare brand that produces natural skin care products including face, body, and makeup. The products are made using natural formulations from tropical plants, derived from all the natural goodness from plants including the flower, stem, roots, leaves, seeds and fruit. The mission of Tropic is the clear, healthy skin of their customers and for this reason, they only use the richest, most nutritious ingredients out there. 
The principles at the root of the company and each product they produce are ‘Pure, Honest, Effective’. As lovers’ of animals they do not test on animals and are certified by Cruelty-Free International, with their products home to the leaping bunny stamp. They are also certified by The Vegan Society and hold the sunflower vegan symbol. Tropic Products
Tropic place an emphasis on honesty, placing their ingredients in not only the INCI system but also in a plain English translation of what those actual ingredients are, so you don’t have to cause those extra few frowning wrinkles whilst you try to decipher those big jargoned scientific words. Each item also holds a ‘best before’ date so that you know how fresh the ingredients in the product are and when to finally toss it. Helpful huh? 
Because products are made using premium natural ingredients, this means they can be used on all skin types, even the most sensitive of skin. I have always suffered from sensitive skin and seem to have never truly found a product hydrating enough, though Tropic has exceeded all my expectations and ticks all the boxes I need in my skin care. Tropic Products - Bamboo Cloth, Night Repair & Skin Repair
Tropic Products - Smoothing Cleanser, Vitamin Toner & Radiance Clay
What do I mean by natural? 
Tropic only use 100% natural derived ingredients or those that are nature identical. A small number of their products have safe synthetics, though this is only used as a last resort when there are no natural or vegan alternatives. Having said this, as a rule, Tropic products are free from Parabens, Sodium Lauryl Sulfate, Phthalates, alcohol, Petrochemicals, Gluten, Harsh preservatives, Harmful Synthetic Fragrances, Toxic Chemicals and so much more. You can view the whole list hereTropic - Radiance Clay Mask
Why have I never seen Tropic at the Drugstore? 
The reason you won’t have ever seen any of the Tropic products in your local drugstore is because of their natural ingredients. Each product is made to order to ensure you have the freshest ingredients going onto your skin. Each and every product is manufactured in the company’s Beauty Kitchen in Surrey, which means when you place an order the product you get has been produced specifically for you instead of sitting on a shelf, being preserved by harsh chemicals. 


Tropic has quickly become my favourite skincare brand. Their products are luxurious, effective and don’t break the bank in the process. If that doesn’t sound good to you I don’t know what will. 

*You can read more about the brand and check out their products on their website here.

I hope you look forward to all my Tropic-centred posts
Cheerio for now! 
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Photography – Hannah Cross 

Review: The Pixar Documentary

The Pixar Documentary
The Pixar Story

a documentary by Leslie Iwerks 
Around two years ago I was recommended the Pixar Documentary in an Instagram comment by Youtuber, blogger and fellow spoonie Meg. I can’t remember her exact words, but they rang with a sincerity of how good it was and almost an urgency that I simply had to watch it. If you follow her blog or have seen any of her videos then you know as well as I do that she has such a positive energy about her and only mentions things she genuinely loves herself, so having read her comment I immediately purchased the documentary. 
There is so much I could say about this documentary. In fact, there’s too much to say about it that I quite honestly don’t know where to start. First of all, Meg was right. Her recommendation was spot on and I feel so grateful to have stumbled upon it when I did. Up until this past Christmas, my download of the documentary had sat collecting digital dust on my iTunes account. Feeling burnt out, in a constant state of brain fog and entirely uninspired, I decided to grab a cuppa and snuggle down to watch it during the holidays. 
The title is pretty self-explanatory with the documentary being the story behind Pixar, the people behind it and the way it came to be the box-office breaking company that it is to this day. It starts with a little bit about the three men at the helm of the company: the talented artist John Lasseter, the creative scientist Ed Catmull and the visionary entrepreneur Steve Jobs. The documentary goes on to tell us how the paths of these men crossed, what led to the creation of Pixar and most importantly the struggles they faced along the way. There’s also footage from throughout the developing years of the movies and building Pixar as a company, along with accounts from the staff members themselves. 

‘Pixar’s seen by a lot of folks as an overnight success, but if you really look closely most overnight success’ took a long time’   -Steve Jobs 


I personally love all the Pixar movies. Some of my first memories are of sitting in front of my godmother’s tele watching Toy Story with her son. Pixar movies are something so deeply rooted in the childhood of my generation, and later generations, that makes watching something like this so fascinating. Having watched the work behind those beloved movies, I feel as though I have a newfound respect for Pixar and everyone behind it. After seeing what goes into it, you can’t help but remember those people and everything they said when you rewatch those movies. 
This documentary found me at the perfect time and reignited a flame within me to keep working towards the things that I want because, as Jobs says, they don’t happen overnight. Everything is a work in process so it’s important to keep chipping away at those dreams regardless of the struggles that stand in your way. I’d recommend this to any Pixar or Disney lover, young or old: it’s enjoyable for all. 
Have you seen it? You need to
Cheerio for now! 
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March Musings

This past month -well few months- i’ve been a little all over the place. I’m in my last block of this (academic) years studies, and can honestly not wait for summer to commence! I’ve always been an autumn to winter kinda chick, with my heart skipping a beat just at the thought of crisp orange leaves and oversized scarves; though this year theres been a bit of a change and i’ve found myself lusting over sunday drives in the countryside, pimms in the park and skinny dipping at the seaside. 
As well as my seasonal preferences shifting, i’ve also found myself leaning to more ‘spring-like’ bits and bobs, with accents of a more fresher and feminine feel then my usual vibe. I honestly feel more comfortable in dark earthy colours but lately I’ve been embracing more of the lighter and brighter tones and textures, which ordinarily i would never go for. Here are a few items i’ve had my eye on… 
What have been your March Musings? Had your eye on anything or had a spring awakening? 
Cheerio for now!