Photo Diary: Sketch, London

March is always a really busy month for meant this past march was no different. I have a lot of loved ones who have birthdays in march along with Mother’s day too, but this year I also had my Graduation and I had also decided to treat two of my favourite people; my mom and my godmother, to a trip to Sketch for afternoon tea in The Gallery.

The Gallery used to be that iconic pink velvet room that was an instagrammer’s heaven and so you’d see it strewn across there on the regs. More iconic though, are the toilets. A unisex toilet, full of individual pods and overlooked by a multicoloured, glass-panelled ceiling; which makes you feel like you’re in a psychedelic dream. There was a moment when I thought my pod was going to take me off to the spaceship waiting for me.

Sketch was such a cool experience. The decor was so quirky and whimsical, it felt so playful and you can’t help but feel happy in a place like that. The ambience was lovely too. The Gallery had recently been refurbished by Yinka Shonibare, who has transformed it into a yellow dream with African-inspired art pieces. I had never seen the synonymous pink in person however my mom and godmother had and said the yellow was such easier and calmer on the eyes; which I can attest to. The yellow felt so calming and mellow. They do have a diorama in the foyer of what the gallery looked like when it was pink which is great too. What added to the experience was also the string trio who came out and did sets. They did so many great renditions whilst we were there but my favourites were Skyfall, Golden Brown, Shut up and dance with me, and so many others.

I took so many photos whilst I was at Sketch and while they haven’t graced my instagram page just yet, I couldn’t resist not sharing them here too.

I can’t wait to visit sketch again. I have already told bearded boyfriend that we need to go there together because I know he’ll get a kick out of the decor. I also know a good friend of mine will love it there so I may have to take her when her birthday rolls around.

Have you been to Sketch? What did you think?

Cheerio for now!

Photo Diary: Graduation

I Finally Graduated!

After six years of studying and two years of Covid – I graduated! It’s hard to really put into words how I feel about my graduation. It was a long, emotional day at the Barbican Centre in London but it was so worth it and felt like a real feather being placed in my cap. It’s quite an overwhelming range of emotions that I’ve felt – especially given that so much of my degree I achieved studying at night or sitting up in my bed. Even though, I can’t quite put how I feel into words right now, I still wanted to share some photos here.

Cheerio for now!

things I have found solace in lately

Hey there. Now I know that everyones social media feeds have been overflowing with content based around what’s going on in the world right now, and that’s fine, but like most others I thought now would be a good time to drop this post into your lap. I always keep a post in my drafts that I can quickly copy and paste anything that I am finding particular inspiring or uplifting; and right now seems to be the perfect time for that. (Keep in mind some of these things are Pre-Covid 19.

this video: now anyone knows that I’m a sucker for some book magic so this video, as simple as it seems, was great to have on in the background as I did bits and bobs last autumn.

Music by Django Reinhardt: On our trip to Wales last August, we discovered Reinhardt’s music in a community cafe theatre in Merthyr Tydfil. Swaying to the sweet tunes a kind worker told us who it was (in an inaudible accent, no’fense) and a quick Shazam later we were downloading his music to listen to as we drove through the mountains. I have been listening to his music ever since, and was even gifted a vinyl of his for Christmas which I often have playing now.

this video, this video from the Vogue Paris YouTube channel: I love these Une Fille, Un Style videos. I don’t know whether it’s where I have been focused on my own living space that has plucked my interest in them or whether it is merely human nature to be nosey that I love them. I think a space can say a lot about the person who inhabits it, and I find it fascinating to see trinkets and what not that people feel attached to or compelled to keep with them throughout their lives.

I also really loved the fact that The Fashion Citizen returned to their little corner of youtube for a few Vlogmas videos, albeit only for a few vids. I absolutely love these girls -I say, quickly glancing up at my copy of their Local Wolves cover on my shelf. I find them so refreshingly human but also inspiring. They never put on airs and graces for the camera which I think is so hard to come by these days on youtube. I also think, having seen them grow through the years via their YouTube channel to now career women is really amazing and so inspiring for us viewers.

this post by Beth over at Toasty. I have been following her blog for years and always had an interest in what she has to say, whether it be on cruelty free beauty products or her views on minimalism however, when it came to her talking about Beauty Banks and donating toiletries she truly felt like a soul sister of mine. Having always felt compelled to help the less fortunate, I have always wanted to go one step further than physically taking my unwanted items to a food/clothes bank or giving someone a hot drink on a cold day. Her post really gave me that extra bit of info to really go forward on this path.

this post by free people. I also really loved this post by them too: Now I absolutely love Free People posts however, overtime they started to move away from the earthy and DIY beauty tips that I loved towards more branding and promotion of some of their items. Now that is great and I don’t dispute it, but these two posts definitely took my back to that more earthy and maybe even soulful time of the BLDG 25 blog.

What have you found solace in lately?

Cheerio for now!

Updates | We Have Moved

Around two months ago I changed my blog name, domain, and all my social media handles. Why? Well, there is a lot of reasons so I thought it best to sit down and address it all right here: in the new home.


Moving to WordPress

As much as I have loved using Blogspot over the past few years, I really felt restricted in many ways on that platform. I wanted to experiment with layout and coding, and that was something I felt as though I couldn’t really delve into on blogspot. I made the transition to WordPress and to be honest, haven’t looked back or had any doubts since. I am really looking forward to what’s in store for this space in the future and I feel like I finally have the freedom to do all the things I want to.

The ‘Look’

As I have changed blogging platform, of course I have changed the theme of the site. As I mentioned above, I really wanted a bit more freedom with what I can do with this space and I feel like I have that with WordPress. I hope that you all like the layout and it’s easy to manoeuvre. I looked at a lot of themes with different alignments, image layouts, etc. Ultimately, I wanted something simple and minimal that wouldn’t be too busy or noisy to the eye. I feel as though this layout will be functional and has the longevity to last for years to come.


Since moving to WordPress, I have been dabbling with coding which has been a little iffy from time to time but I think I’m finally getting my head around it and hopefully it’ll show in the upcoming posts. I’m enjoying the versatility that comes with coding and hopefully I’ll just improve at this with time.

What happened to whatsinadeck?

Last but not least, and most noticeable, is the change of name. whatsinadeck has served me well over the years but I definitely started to experience some growing pains with it last year. The name whatsinadeck came about due to severe health conditions and trying to find the good within the bad. It was very much a ‘highlight reel’ of my life and I didn’t feel as though I could share some of the nitty-gritty details there.

I also found myself wanting something more personal and what’s more personal then something everyone in my personal life calls me? -Jam. With this blog name being my personal name, that I have had for twenty-two years already, I know I will never outgrow or tire from it. And of course, if you follow me on Instagram or Twitter you will know I have also changed my name over there too -uniformity people!

I think that is everything I wanted to cover in this post however, if there are any questions just comment below or email me, over here. Posting should resume in the next couple of weeks. I am currently drawing up a posting schedule so I will update you guys when that is finalised.

See you soon! 

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Studies | 16

I have been studying with the Open University since October 2014. This year I am studying module A215 Creative Writing, which will be my third year with the OU and my third module towards an open degree. Due to my health, I am a part-time student which means it will take twice as long as a full-time student but I will get there eventually. 

The A215 Creative Writing module was actually the module which attracted me toward studying with the Open University so in many ways my first two years of study weren’t just towards my degree but they were almost stepping stones to get to this module. The module is divided into five sections with it covering the creative process, writing fiction, poetry, life writing, and the final section is centered around going public with your writing. 

So far I have really enjoyed the module, and feel my writing has really improved in the short time I have been studying and practising certain techniques. I think a lot of people have this notion that writing is easy; that you sit, pour out a couple of sentences and then simply string them together. It doesn’t work quite like that. There is a lot that goes into it behind the scenes; such as freewriting, clustering, character creation, developing your style and voice, etc. 

While I have really enjoyed the module so far, that’s not to say that it has come without its’ difficulties. Through the writing process I have noticed that writing is subjective, and while I may think it is perfect at that moment in time I may go back to it a few days later and be appalled at myself for not picking up on certain mistakes or decide that I dislike the entire piece. Writing is something that happens within a moment in time and when you return, you may not necessarily like what you read. Another thing I have noticed is I make a lot of silly/simple mistakes like mistyping/writing words (using the wrong words, leaving out words, etc) and so reading aloud has become my best friend; which is also a great tool for testing punctuation and sentence lengths. 

I have really enjoyed this academic year so far. I can’t wait to look back to compare my first few pieces of work with my last few pieces when I complete this module. 

What do/did you study? 
Cheerio for now! 

A letter to twenty

You were the year of twenty. The year I didn’t greet well and the year I’m kinda glad to say goodbye to. Having said that, there is a bittersweet element to bidding you farewell.

You marked five years of living with chronic illness’. You marked years of failed attempts at trying to regain my health, feeling isolated from and misunderstood by the world and more importantly feeling as though I’d failed at making something of myself and making my family proud. ‘What have I achieved?’ I asked myself a week before you arrived; causing an avalanche of meltdowns, panic attacks and a whole lot of tear-stained pyjama sleeves. While loved ones tried to console me, I couldn’t be consoled. Your arrival wasn’t to be as happy an occasion as what it usually was and so a smile went on with the layers of makeup, and I grinned and bore it through my birthday tea. I did have a better time than I thought, though when I returned home so too did the thoughts of turning twenty. 
Looking back your arrival was hard; just like a lot of moments from your year. I had to drop a lot of uni work because my body wasn’t up to it, I had to flake on friends an endless amount of times, I had to miss out on spending a lot of quality time with my mom at the beach hut and I had to deal with the reoccurring fact of how weak my body has become; a realisation that hit me harder every time I saw it. 
Having said this, I’ve also never felt more me. I’ve never felt so in sync with my body. It’s almost as though I’ve deciphered how it works and while that doesn’t take the pain, exhaustion or suffering away; it does make it slightly easier to handle. I’ve also learnt the power of self-care is immensely important in my weekly routine. It’s of great importance, to everyone I think, to stop and take a moment to yourself. Whether that be listening to a podcast, applying a face mask or nail polish or even just taking the dog for a walk and watching the world go by in the process. 
So yes, I wasn’t looking forward to you, the year of twenty, and while I’m happy and ready to say goodbye to you I’m grateful for all you taught me -even if your lessons were tough at times. 
Cheerio twenty! 
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Life Update: Health and Happiness

The past few weeks have set the scene for a few highs and lows that come with every chronic illness. Though I’d like to think the highs have made the lows worth their while. In the midst of these obstacles I’ve found myself in a little bit of a -I’m not entirely sure what exactly to call it, so lets go with- funk, but not in a bad way.

These past few months I’ve been making a few changes here and there, hoping to grow and expand in new and exciting ways. The biggest changes of all would be those I’m applying to my personal life i.e. my health. Ive been trying to detoxify my body and start afresh, getting myself into healthy habits which I’m already seeing the amazing changes before my very eyes. Changes like my dietary needs, as well as toiletries and health care.

I’ve also been questioning this little space i have here, wondering and thinking about whether its time to make a few changes here also. Though theres only a small band of you guys out there, I really want to kick it up a notch and customise this space a bit more to my liking; especially incorporating and reflecting my new personal changes to this space also. After all, it is my little corner of the internet. Ultimately my health comes first, and that’s really the area I need to work on the most right now. Without your health your nothing, as my mother says -hi mom!

So, I guess that was all really. I just wanted to catch you up to speed, especially as I’ve pulled a bit of a halt on The Hut series. I do have a few more posts I was working on, based around our hut sessions though I’m not entirely satisfied with them just yet so you may see them, you may not. Who knows at this point. I’m a little all over the shop right now!

Cheerio for now!