Things I’ve found solace in lately | pt. 5

While there's moments when life feels 'back to normal', I find myself feeling in flux still. I've enjoyed seeing and catching up with friends again (safely) and I'm so looking forward to the festive season beginning but I'm also enjoying having those safe moments in the comfort of my own home and just chilling out.… Continue reading Things I’ve found solace in lately | pt. 5

On The Radar: Colouring Craze

For around a year now there seems to have been a serious trend going with colouring books. Suddenly they were everywhere. I've always seen mindfulness colouring books but instead of patterns, there's now all sorts going around. Vogue ones for fashionistas, Shakespeare and Alice in wonderland ones for the bookworms, even city and destination ones… Continue reading On The Radar: Colouring Craze