Photo Diary: 2023 so far

As I write this, we’re two months into 2023 and I’m so done with this year. What started as a fairly promising year quickly descended into grief and sadness as my paternal grandfather Stan passed away. Within a day of his funeral, my maternal grandfather Jeff was blue-lighted to hospital and then later transferred to an ICU ward in St Thomas’ hospital; where my family and I have been everyday for eleven days now. Other family members flew home from New Zealand and things quickly became more serious.

It’s hard to really put all of the emotions of the past eleven days into words. I was working towards my granddads funeral for so long, supporting my nana however I could leading up to it and in so many ways, putting all the grief and emotions on hold to unpack and go through once the funeral had passed. People always say it doesn’t hit you until after anyway so I didn’t think it would be much of an issue. However, no one imagines to be faced with such a tumultuous time after such loss.

As I sit here now, in the family lounge waiting to hear what the next course of action is and as my family flaps around trying to decide if we should get some hotel rooms to stay close by, I can’t help but just want some normality. It’s a craving that I have had for days but can’t quite cure so instead, I thought it may be helpful to make a little photo diary of the year so far.

Cheerio for now!

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