Book Love, Debbie Tung

Another great book from Debbie Tung, Book Love is a collection of non-fiction comics showing her main character in all her book-loving glory. A wonderfully accurate portrayal of bibliophiles, it shows the inner struggles, strengths and all-too-true stereotypes of being a bookworm.

There were so many great comics in here; I found myself relating to soooo much of this book. I kept reading parts of it and thinking ‘omg, I do that!‘. I also found myself sending parts of it to my partner who would quickly replay with a ‘that’s you’. I’d highly recommend this to anyone who loves books.

I’d also recommend the other book I have read from her: Quiet Girl in a Noisy World: which is somewhat of the same vein as this book but revolving around the struggles of being an introvert. I did a post on that here also.

Cheerio for now!

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