Life at Rochester Cathedral

As October began, we had a long-awaited date night in the diary which we were both so excited for; Life at Rochester Cathedral. An exhibition put on by the artist collective Luxmuralis, the cathedral was transformed into a showcase of innovative art. Through visuals and sound they immerse their audiences into their work. In this case, the beauty of Planet Earth was the subject of their work with portions focusing on the sun, the ocean and the clouds.

As you moved through the cathedral, you moved through the artistic installations and their mesmerising work through sound and light; known as Son-et-Lumière. These light and sound shows have also been seen at major venues such as Westminster abbey, Chatsworth house, the Bodleian library quad, and so many others.

I’d highly recommend keeping an eye out at local venues near you to try and book tickets to shows such as this. We also saw the Moon exhibition at the cathedral before the pandemic which was also so beautiful so do keep an eye out. They make such great evenings out. Also, some of these photos don’t do the show justice whatsoever so do check out my instagram reel from the evening here.

Cheerio for now!

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