Photo Diary: York

Whilst away in September, we took a day trip down to York. Like Whitby, I have been here before however once again I was in a wheelchair and unable to really enjoy the shops and experience everything fully. A lot of York is similar to Canterbury; so much is historic so it’s not the most accessible place. I will say it has slightly improved since I last went on the accessibility front but there’s still a ways to go.

This time I wanted to explore those smaller shops, in the more historic areas that I couldn’t see before. The small ones poked here and there, where you have to get really familiar with other folks to see the shops goods and find treasures.

I got some great finds but for the most part I just took in the environment and wrote a bit whilst we waited for lunch. The pub we got food in was so quaint and even had wonky flooring which added to character of it. We had a stroll around the Shambles and then we stopped by Betty’s too grab some sweet treats for later that evening. I got some chocolate goodies that I am still working my way through and then I also got a fondant cake which I enjoyed after the long drive home from York.

Like Whitby, I really enjoyed York and I’m hoping to return at some point with Bearded Boyfriend so we can explore a bit more together. I saw there’s also a wizarding mini golf experience in York so that’s very high on the list!

Cheerio for now!

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