Books I’ve bought lately

Autumn is my time of the year. I seem to always see the my style of clothes in autumn, the perfect home decor items to fit my tastes and this year I have truly realised its no different with books too. Recently I have been taking more solace in my reading materials than usually and really using them to escape everyday life. I have also been quite busy of late either with plans or going away, and my go-to wherever I go is to do a google search on bookstores local to wherever I am. This typically always results in at least one or two trips to the bookstore, which then leads to a few purchases however lately, it’s got a little out of hand.

During this recent book-buying craze of mine I have noticed that the spooky season and autumn in general is the perfect time for me to buy books that appeal to my tastes. With the displays revolving around darker and more mysterious reads I haven’t been able to help myself; not only buying so many books but also taking photos of titles I have never come across and adding them to my Goodreads. Today, I wanted to share with you lovely lot some of the books I have bought lately as well as some titles I have added to my Goodreads (who knows, maybe bearded boyfriend will read this and get some ideas for Christmas -a girl can dream).

The Second Sight of Zachary Cloudesley, Sean Lusk

A bit of a steam-punk sounding fiction, this sounds like the perfect mysterious book to read in the winter months. I had seen it a few times and felt really drawn to the cover (I know we shouldn’t judge by the cover but please, it’s so gorgeous!). The blurb brought to mind the film Hugo which my partner absolute loves and always talks about watching during the winter months so I thought nows the time to buy.

The House of Sorrowing Stars, Beth Cartwright

This book sounds very fantastical and gives me The Night Circus/The Miniaturist vibes. It’s actually a recommended read for fans of The Night Circus and The Binding which the latter I didn’t care for whilst the other is my absolute favourite book (I reread it every November) so naturally I need to see how I feel about this book.

The Night Circus, Erin Morgenstern

This is a repurchase and a bit of a controversial topic in my household. Let me explain. I have three copies of this book -all different editions but as I mentioned, it’s my favourite. My family hosted a student a while back who started reading one of my copies and really enjoyed it so I gave it to her to continue her reading at home. However, I then couldn’t stop thinking about the fact I’d lost that edition and had to repurchase it. I know it may sound odd but it’s how my brain works.

World of Weird: A Creepy Compendium of True Stories, Tom Adams

This is a nonfiction, gothic book -what seems like a children’s book although it revolves around and illustrates the more macabre themes such as spiritual world and supernatural, scientific objects and creatures. The topics range from shrunken heads to witch’s collars, snail syrup to automata’s; all of which is written from a Victorian perspective and accompanied by some really cool steampunk illustrations.

The Vampire Archives, Otto Penzler

A total impulse buy whilst I was in Whitby, I could not resist this chunky collection of vampire stories. Covering over eighty tales from Ray Bradbury to Stephen King, Edgar Allan Poe and Arthur Conan Doyle, Lord Byron and H.P. Lovecraft -it has so much vampire content to sink your teeth into! As a Twilight fan and someone who thoroughly enjoys Vampire fiction (I’m currently working my way through the All Souls Trilogy), this seemed perfect for me. It’s quite a large compilation so I think it’ll be a constant read throughout the winter months.

The Witches of North Yorkshire, Michael Wray

A collection of local tales, revolving around real women this book was another buy from Whitby. It’s quite short, being about 60 pages or so but I think that makes it quite a good book to throw in my bag to take around and just whip out whenever I want. I’m also hoping that if they are shorter and more succinct reads then they won’t be too taxing on my brain.

Stone Blind: Medusa’s Story, Natalie Haynes

I have long been intrigued by Medusa and her story. I’m not going to lie, I do think it is largely due to the Versace iconography of her on my moms sunglasses when I was a child but nevertheless, the interest has always been there. I have read Natalie Haynes’ book Pandora’s Jar: Women in the Greek Myths but found this book a bit too stiff in areas. As this is solely on Medusa and I have such an interest in her, I felt compelled to give this book a go.

The Woman in Black: A Ghost Story, Susan Hill

Another Whitby buy, I wanted to find a classic but spin-tingling read for the cold evenings ahead. I tried to watch this film years ago but couldn’t handle the suspense of it all. Now I thought would be the perfect time to try give it a go.

100 Queer Poems, Mary Jean Chan & Andrew McMillan

Whilst in York, I came across the Portal Bookshop and had to pick this book up. I decided this would be a great addition to my poetry bookshelf but also a great insight into queer poetry throughout the decades.

A Deadly Education, Naomi Novik

I found this book by coming across the follow on book from it, The Last Graduate. I couldn’t find this first book for some time until I found it in a store in York. Within the fantasy genre with a hint of horror and magic, I’m really eager to get into this book and hopefully go on to the others in the Scholomance books. I really enjoyed Uprooted and actually passed my copy along to a friend so I’m hoping this is another great read from Novik.

Fire and Blood, George R.R. Martin

This was a necessary read for me given that I’ve been catching up on House of Dragon with bearded boyfriend so naturally I had to purchase this. I’m not sure when I’ll get round to reading this one but I’m excited at the prospect.

Poems Bewitched and Haunted (Everyman’s Library Pocket Poets)

I already have a few Everyman’s Library Pocket Poet books. Last year I read Poems Dead and Undead which was a really great read through October so this year I’m reading this in the same way. It ranges from poems by Emily Dickinson to Poe, Baudelaire to Homer. I’ve already started delving into this one and have been keeping it in my bag to dip in and out of. I also have the Solitude edition and the Books and Libraries one.

Some other titles that I saw and briefly considered buying include:

So there we have it, phew! I thought this post would never be finished. I must say I have tried to whittle the above list of titles down as much as possible. If you have read any of these books mentioned, do get in touch and tell me your thoughts! And as always, stay tuned for the multiple book reviews coming up on these bad boys.

Cheerio for now!

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