My Favourite Yarns to Knit with

Over the past few years, I have really fallen head over heels with knitting. It was not long ago that I was working up some pumpkins for my mom and couldn’t get any further with the project (lack of yarn) so got up from the sofa and grabbed another WIP from my room. My sister just looked over and said ‘what are you knitting now?!’ -which can probably give you the tale-tell sign that I am, quite literally always working on something. Usually, I have multiple projects on the goal although I do try to cap it at three at a time, purely for space issues.

Today I thought I would share some of my favourite yarns to work with. A lot of them are mainstays in my stash while others are newer additions that I have only just discovered but nevertheless I wanted to share them.

Lauren Aston Designs – Super Chunky Merino

This yarn by LAD is probably in my top three yarns to work with. I love the knit kits they produce but this yarn is so perfect and versatile when it comes to what you can produce with it. I’m quite a sucker for those deep, rich earthy tones and my favourite colour is green so I have made liberal use of the Emerald shade in my projects. I do also have a soft spot for the Ruby red and the Damson which is a deep purple. Having said this, I have some spools of Lilac to use up so I may incorporate that into some hats or a scarf this winter.

King Cole – Christmas Super Chunky

A bit of a recent find at my local yarn shop, I am head over heels for this yarn. I bought it in two shades: Santa and Elf. They do also have a Snowman shade and a Candycane shade too but those are just a tad too light for my taste. In a short span of time after purchasing my first few spools of this yarn, I whipped up so many beanie hats which came out so lovely. The tones are perfect for hats, scarves, mittens, etc.

Stylecraft – Life Super Chunky

While I do love Stylecrafts DK yarns, especially the range of shades that they offer, I love my recent find of their super chunky yarn. I have been using the black yarn with multi-tone specs throughout. I think the shade name is Black Nepp and I have been experimenting with it a little before I embark on making a cozy cardigan with it. I do also love Stylecrafts Life Super Chunky Tweed in the shade Spice too which has been a recent find of mine also. I have whipped up a few pumpkin cushions for my mom in this yarn and I must say it works up so beautifully.

Scheepjes – Stone Washed XL

This one is also new to me. I came across it after finding this pattern and immediately purchased the shades I needed. I really enjoyed how subtle and washed out the tones were -a refreshing change from the darker earthy tones that I use and the vibrant colours I have to use for certain projects.

Paintbox Yarn – Aran

While I do really love the variety of tones that the Stylecraft brand produces, for vibrant tones I always turn to Paintbox yarns. It may just be me, but I think their brighter tones have this pop to them that I just haven’t noticed with other brands. I do also love how durable their aran yarns are yet they never feel too bulky to work with either.

Cheerio for now!

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