The Year of 26

The year of 26 has been a rocky road for me. Leading up to my 26th birthday I felt this overwhelming pressure to do something big, become an adult in some grand way –probably largely due to the fact my mom had me when she was 26. The year of 26 did change me in many ways and I would even say I did a lot of adulting.

I have felt a lot of growing pains during this past year. Still living at home and my parents deciding to go into fostering had a big effect on my life. Many things were put on hold while I tried to deal with certain things happening in our home and I would say because of this, I reached my breaking point more than I care to admit. My family life has also been challenged in different ways and while we’re by no means through the woods just yet, we’re definitely much closer than I think we’ve ever been before. This has also brought my sister and I really close which has been so nice after a lifetime of being and feeling like an only-child.

This year has also brought about the beginning of my ‘work life‘. Before Christmas I was toying with the idea of volunteering at a local organisation but then came across an ad on instagram for a charity. This led me onto interviews and I landed a volunteer position as a Birthday Card Volunteer for Action for M.E. -which I absolutely love! I have continued looking at other volunteer positions but for now I’m just trying to keep my health at a steady pace and see what’s to come.

My health has been a bit up and down this past year. I started on a really strong footing but then as my home-life changed, my health got a bit wobbly and became much harder to handle. It’s been tricky trying to balance everything with my health plan from my clinic and in the tale end of 26, I really didn’t listen to my body in many ways. I need to put my health first in the year ahead and get back on track if I’m to continue with the goals that I’m working towards.

Regardless of all the bad bits and the toxicity that weaselled its way into my life, this was a great year. It was the year I started living again. The year I plunged into experiences and made so many amazing memories with loved ones. It’s the year I started to try living for myself and that’s something I want to continue into the year of 27.

Cheerio for now!

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