Photo Diary: National Showcaves Centre for Wales

The last full day of our time in Wales back in July was spent as the National Showcaves Centre for Wales. Now I’m not going to lie, I have no facts or info to share on this place at all. Before going I checked out the website a little but that was all. It was the choice of a friend of ours who wanted to go ‘check out some caves‘ and so this was the winner.

There’s quite a bit to explore here including animal centres at the bottom of the hill and life-size figures of dinosaurs and prehistoric creatures around the site but like I say we were mainly here for the caves. There’s is three in total; Dan yr Ogof, Cathedral Cave, and the Bone Cave. I skipped the first one due to feeling quite ill and burnt out at the end of our trip but was coerced into the two others. Like I say, I don’t really have any information or facts to share about this place so instead I wanted to simply share the photos from here.

The Cathedral Cave was pretty cool. It had some out-dated, sketchy looking diorama figures and audio to begin with but overall the cave was pretty cool. Note: you do really need sensible shoes when visiting. I had taken my walking shoes but had opted to wear my Birkenstocks as I was sure I’d sit all these out and just chill but, like I said before I was coerced into these so took it slow and steady; with the help of my walking stick and a bearded boyfriend guiding me too.

The Cathedral Cave also had classical music playing throughout to portray its amazing acoustics and even a level platform at the end where they hold wedding ceremonies. It was impressive.

We then took a bit of a break once we surfaced, and then set off for the next cave: the Bone Cave. It was up an incline and there was very little space overhead. It weren’t ideal at all but with the help of my stick and a hardhat, I managed just fine. I did feel like a haggard-hunched over witch hobbling along though.

It was okay inside the cave but nowhere near to the scale of the Cathedral Cave at all and again, had some out-dated figures and diorama’s but we did find it comical.

While in the cave, I was actually scared by what I thought was a moving figure but turned out to be just a worker who had been following us around and shutting up all the caves after us; so once we were out, we set off down the hill. We took this stroll a bit more gently and headed to the carpark to set off for dinner. We had a really great time away but I was so ready to come home by then.

Cheerio for now!

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