things I’ve found solace in | summer

With unpredictable weather this summer and the my faith in humanity being shook every few days it feels like, I have been on a never-ending quest for everything and anything that will *mentally* take me somewhere else, where I can unwind for a few moments. With that in mind, I wanted to share a few things that have brought me solace this summer so far.

Frankie articles: I absolutely adore my Frankie subscription but I must say the articles that are shared on their website are also amazing! Filled with so much fun and often whimsy, they always make me so happy and inspired. I love this article on Ariel Adkins art-inspired garments, so much colour and joyfulness! I also really enjoyed this article too on these beaded gems by Ukraine-based crafter,  Liudmyla Trembovetska. Having said that I enjoy the colour and whimsy of the things Frankie shares, I also love the more serious-toned nuggets too. Like highlighting Brandi Salmon’s reworking of contemporary and historical art but with an Aboriginal twist, or how a group of artists took a stand against excessive tourism by installing a piece alongside a waterfall. I find Frankie’s content to be the perfect balance between playful and thought-provoking, and it just always helps me.

This article showcasing this English country garden is beyond beautiful to me. I feel like I have been so drawn to the whole concept of gardening and landscaping ever since I visited Chatsworth House and Garden (you can check out my posts on that here). The manicured lawns and the flower beds full of flowers and plants looking wild but also completely seamless are such a treat. I would love to have a wonder in this garden, maybe bring a picnic blanket, a book, and maybe even have a nap in this haven too.

-The podcast, I Am All In with Scott Patterson has been constantly playing lately. It’s somewhat a recap, with Scott watching all of the episodes and the revival for the first time whilst discussing certain elements of the show, behind the scenes tales and being accompanied by members of the cast and crew along the way – just the absolute dream for any fan of Gilmore Girls! I must admit, I’m a bit late to the party on this one and I have a lot of catching up that I’m still yet to do but I’m loving it and of course, I am rewatching the episodes alongside the episodes that I’m listening to.

-Knitting: I haven’t been knitting as much the summer – it’s sometimes too hard to pick up wool when it’s simply too hot to work with such a material. Nevertheless, I have still been enjoying knitting and I’m really looking forward to picking some of my wips back up as it gets cooler.

This article on Refinery29 and the whole concept of anti-goals was really interesting to me, and I’m actually starting to use it as an exercise in my manifestations –yes, I am trying out the manifestation thing too.

What have you been finding solace and comfort in lately? Let me know.

Cheerio for now!

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