Photo Diary: Heights of Abraham, Matlock

We visited the Heights of Abraham in Matlock on the jubilee Thursday, thinking we could have a nice and easy day exploring -foolishly forgetting that the rest of humanity had the day off for the holiday weekend and it was ridiculously busy. A bit of a kid-friendly tourist trap, it was quite busy with so many families and little people running around, and parking was a total nightmare; at least it was for bearded boyfriend, who dropped me off at a picnic bench and then went on his own little adventure to find a parking spot. I know, what a keeper!

The Heights of Abraham is a Hilltop park that you can reach by either cable cars or a steep-stepped pathway – clearly we chose the cable cars. Apart from the amazing views, the site also includes caves and cavern tours, fossils exhibitions, hiking trails, as well as a restaurant and cafe. It also hosts different events. Whilst we were there, it had jubilee events on for kids and even a Punch & Judy show which was so nostalgic! Talk about a quintessential English summer attraction!

We stopped to have a drink and some chippies, and then bearded boyfriend took himself off to one of the cave tours while I found a really comfortable and somewhat quiet picnic table away from the crowds where I wrote out postcards; I’d had quite enough of caves and was still recovering from our time in Speedwell Cavern. We then headed back and found a pub for some good grub, and turned in early for our last day of adventures.

Cheerio for now!

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