Why I switched to Digital Subscriptions

As any long-time reader knows, or even anyone who has seen my instagram knows, I love my magazines: specifically my Aussie mags Peppermint magazine and Frankie. Although I have heard people mention reading their favourite magazines online, I had never thought about doing this myself – at least not until fairly recently.

About a month ago I was in serious need of some Frankie reading, my last annual subscription ran out last year and I hadn’t had the time to renew it therefore i’d been missing that extra something-something that it gives me (trust me, if you’ve read the mag you’ll know what I mean). The UK-based warehouse I order it through is usually an issue behind due to their ordering schedules, so I wondered how much it would be to subscribe directly through the Frankie website – of course, this brings up the extra cost of postage and packaging, but while I was there I saw they had a digital subscription available and I immediately subscribed.

Since having this digital subscription through the app Zinio, I have been devouring my subscription of Frankie, and have since noticed they also have a large range of other magazines too. The excitement of having these, in my opinion, amazing magazines constantly at my fingertips was overwhelming. I found myself continuously reeling all the positive factors of the digital subscription to my mom and boyfriend, and so I thought why not share them here.

Less Waste & Eco-Friendly

The most obvious positive is it’s more eco-friendly because we’re not using resources such as paper, ink or fuel to produce the product and then send it across the world. Having a digital form of the magazine rather than a physical version lends itself to being zero-waste without having to compromise or feel as though you are missing out on the contents.

Takes up Less Storage 

Another benefit is that it doesn’t take up storage – other than digital storage of the app on your devices or simply visiting the Zinio site to access the magazines. When I say storage, I mean that array of mags spread across the unknown realm under your bed or even the pile stacked on your shelves in an aesthetically pleasing way. Having felt the benefits of changing to a digital subscription I cannot repeat enough how refreshing it is not having to worry about storing old mags.

Feeling Obliged to Keep Them

Something related to the previous point – once I have read a magazine, often with profound and inspiring articles like those found in Frankie, I find myself attached to this physical object and cannot bring myself to ditch it. I feel compelled to keep it, with the intentions that I will one day return to it, reread and re-experience the inspiration found within. Having said this the reality is somewhat different. Another issue will come out, and then another and another – and before long I find myself with a stack of magazines which I will never have time to revisit and instead feel attached to objects which are simply collecting dust. With an app, although I am holding onto these in the form of storing them on a device, I can delete and re-download any issues I have previously bought so they don’t have to sit and waste space.

It’s Cheaper! 

I try not to put too much importance on money when it comes to things which inspire but who doesn’t love saving money! As you are not buying physical copies, and so not having to worry about postage and packaging or suppliers ordering them and re-selling with their on price tags, having a digital subscription is often a hell of a lot cheaper. Buying a physical issue Peppermint or Frankie magazine has been anything from £7-£14 from my local suppliers however with Zinio, 3 issues of Frankie is £12.99 (bearing in mind Frankie is a bi-monthly magazine, 3 issues would last half a year – so the cost is amazing!).

Accessibile Everywhere

Like many I have become a slave to Apple products, however I like knowing that as long as I have either my phone or iPad on me then I always have access to reading material in the form of my digital subscription. You can download issues so that even if you have no wifi, you can still access and read away!

I think it’s clear to say that I love having my digital subscriptions and I truly wish I had made the transition a lot sooner. I threw so many past issues of magazines away recently whilst giving my bookshelves and room a reshuffle; and it was eye-opening how heavy the bag of magazines were. If only I had made the transition years ago it would have been a lot different now, and as we’ve seen from the points above, had a lot of positive benefits accompanying it.

What do you think of the points above? Are there any you disagree with or want to add?

Cheerio for now!

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