The Pleasure of the Mundane

Processed with VSCO with c1 presetTo be honest, I have been really overwhelmed lately. Like super overwhelmed. Life has just felt hectic and so fast-paced at the moment and it’s been difficult to find moments to take a breather. Then after a busy few weeks a saturday evening became open to do whatever I wanted, so what did I do? I made a brew and picked up a book from my ‘to be read’ pile. It doesn’t sound like the typically Saturday night for a girl in her early-twenties but it was heavenly. And that was the moment I truly realised the pleasure in the mundane things which is what I’d like to share with you today.

A Brew (…or your drink of choice)

Yes, it can be enjoyed with friends over a catchup but my favourite time to enjoy a brew is first thing in the morning, when I am still half asleep and not fully engrossed in the day yet. I like to take full advantage of that first brew, just sit back and slowly wake up with it to hand. Even if I have been awake for awhile, I’m out for breakfast or have done a few bits already, the first tea of the day is always accompanied by a quiet reflection. It’s ‘my time’ and I truly have been loving these moments lately.

Walking the Dog

I hear so many people comment on the positive effects of having a dog. Because you have to get them outside for some exercise, it forces you to get up and out for some fresh air – regardless of the weather. I personally take so much pleasure in these moments. Seeing the dogs get excited when we mention their leads or that we’re going in the car is instantly uplifting. My two dogs love water so any sort of pond/lake walks or beach walks are ideal and they lap it up. This exertion also means they are dead beat once we are home – meaning all the cuddles and naps with them too. Nice quiet evenings just to chill with your pooch.

Reading your Favourite Book or Magazine

There are certain books or magazines that summon tranquil moments for everyone. For me it’s either Peppermint magazine or Frankie. I know I can pick any of their beautiful issues up and just devour it cover to cover. It conjures peaceful moments for me where I haven’t a care in the word. As a literature student, I’m noticing more and more that I find it hard reading for recreational purposes. Each time I pick up a book I’m analysing plot, characters, use of language, etc. With magazines, it is far easier to tune into the reading for pleasure.

Taking a Drive

Up there with the ‘brew moments’, taking a drive holds such pleasurable moments for me. From cruising along listening to music to having deep chats about anything and everything, even sitting in the car slurping drinks, looking out to the sea and letting the waves crash over the car. The moments can be quiet and retrospective, or filled with serenading and laughter. Whatever they are, they’re always pretty special.

What mundane moments do you love?

Cheerio for now!

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