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Around two months ago I changed my blog name, domain, and all my social media handles. Why? Well, there is a lot of reasons so I thought it best to sit down and address it all right here: in the new home.


Moving to WordPress

As much as I have loved using Blogspot over the past few years, I really felt restricted in many ways on that platform. I wanted to experiment with layout and coding, and that was something I felt as though I couldn’t really delve into on blogspot. I made the transition to WordPress and to be honest, haven’t looked back or had any doubts since. I am really looking forward to what’s in store for this space in the future and I feel like I finally have the freedom to do all the things I want to.

The ‘Look’

As I have changed blogging platform, of course I have changed the theme of the site. As I mentioned above, I really wanted a bit more freedom with what I can do with this space and I feel like I have that with WordPress. I hope that you all like the layout and it’s easy to manoeuvre. I looked at a lot of themes with different alignments, image layouts, etc. Ultimately, I wanted something simple and minimal that wouldn’t be too busy or noisy to the eye. I feel as though this layout will be functional and has the longevity to last for years to come.


Since moving to WordPress, I have been dabbling with coding which has been a little iffy from time to time but I think I’m finally getting my head around it and hopefully it’ll show in the upcoming posts. I’m enjoying the versatility that comes with coding and hopefully I’ll just improve at this with time.

What happened to whatsinadeck?

Last but not least, and most noticeable, is the change of name. whatsinadeck has served me well over the years but I definitely started to experience some growing pains with it last year. The name whatsinadeck came about due to severe health conditions and trying to find the good within the bad. It was very much a ‘highlight reel’ of my life and I didn’t feel as though I could share some of the nitty-gritty details there.

I also found myself wanting something more personal and what’s more personal then something everyone in my personal life calls me? -Jam. With this blog name being my personal name, that I have had for twenty-two years already, I know I will never outgrow or tire from it. And of course, if you follow me on Instagram or Twitter you will know I have also changed my name over there too -uniformity people!

I think that is everything I wanted to cover in this post however, if there are any questions just comment below or email me, over here. Posting should resume in the next couple of weeks. I am currently drawing up a posting schedule so I will update you guys when that is finalised.

See you soon! 

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