Almost Adulting

Almost Adulting, Arden Rose 

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As a budding almost ‘adult’, loose use of that word, I constantly feel in a grey hazy space of fear. That grey space often turns red with panic, fear, and sometimes even despair. Yup, I suck at being an adult. It’s odd because I’m twenty-two and I have ‘adult-ish’ stuff happening around me, I sometimes feel like I make ‘mature’ decisions, but yet I also feel like an anxious seventeen year old fearing the time that I’ll have to move out and try to figure things out myself. Contradicting myself -I do really want to move out, it’s been an itch I’ve had that I can’t seem to scratch. See what I mean? I’m a mess not an adult. That is where this book comes in. 
As a subscriber to Arden’s channel, I saw her video back in 2016 and was immediately excited at the idea of an easy-to-read, experienced guide at how to ‘adult’ from one of my favourite youtubers. As someone who moved away from her family, six hours away to LA when she was only eighteen I figured she’d have some insight on how to ‘adult’. 
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This book was such a quick read for me. I completed it in a few nights and felt so much more at ease at the thought of being an ‘adult’ or more so about my ability to be an adult. Divided into bitesized chunks it covers everything from living on your own, adult responsibilities like washing and bills, sex life, health, relationships, family, and whole bunch of other information squeezed in too. I loved the conversational tone of the book. It came across so friendly but at the same didn’t sugar coat you from the bitter truth of getting adult sh*t done. 
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As a twenty-two year old young woman still living with the family, but quickly outgrowing my family home, I was surprised and partially relieved to be quite familiar with some of the topics and ideas in the book already. It made me feel like I already have a bit of handle on things already. Having said this, there was also a plethora of info which I found so reassuring: the main thing being the content covering self-confidence, body image and mental health. The idea that ultimately i’m on the right course and it’s okay to not be okay, as long as you reach for help when you need it. 
I really enjoyed this read and would recommend it to anyone, especially budding ‘adults’. I think this is a book that I need to keep hold for my younger relatives. 
Have you ever read Almost Adulting? What did you think? 
Cheerio for now! 

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