What’s In My Bag | Matt & Nat

This is such a classic lifestyle post, which I do usually steer clear from but to be honest I love posts like this. I think there’s something quite interesting in seeing what people carry around with them so why not do my own post.

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First of all my bag is the Vignelli bag by the brand Matt & Nat, a Canadian brand which specialises in handbags made from vegan leather and recyclable goods (post to come on this brand, they are amazing!). I received this last Christmas, which was a total surprise because it is a very pricey bag at £125, but seen as I have used it every day ever since I think it was money well spent and the best present ever! I’d had my eye on the bag for over a year before I received it and I think it was pretty popular because whenever I managed to save the money to buy it (didn’t happen often) it just so happened to be out of stock. It comes in a variety of colours but I have it in the classic black. It has adjustable straps, a phone pocket inside, a small zip compartment inside, and a zipper pocket on the outside too. I absolutely love the outer zip pocket feature on this bag. It’s so ideal having this pocket there for security but also so you don’t have to rifle through the entire bag to find anything like your keys or phone. Anyway, I’ve rambled enough about the bag so onto what I keep inside.
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Purse 2x: I have two purses. One for cards and notes, and one for loose change. This seems bizarre to some but the purse I keep my cards and notes in is a red vintage leather purse which is a hand-me-down from my nan. It was handed down to her by her aunt and so there’s a family tie to that which I just can’t let go of. Not only that but it’s the ideal purse for me. The reason I have a purse for change is that I’m so conscious of breaking or damaging my red purse (I know, I’m ridiculous but I really love it and would hate for it to break). The change purse is just a simple coin pouch which is made out of a black sturdy material.
Keys: Pretty obvious but you can’t get anywhere without them.
Phone: This is usually in my hand or pocket, although I do often slip it in the outer zip section too.
Sunglasses: It doesn’t matter what time of the year it is, they are always in my bag. I’m a vampire, I need those bad boys to avoid the sun!
Lip Balm x2: I currently have two balms in my bag. This one by Forever, and this one by Winky Lux.
Tablet box: for my the many supplements I am currently on.
Compact mirror: I have a models own one.
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Medical Cards: I have an orange card from my local council which lets people know I am physically disabled. Usually, I am in my wheelchair but if, for whatever reason I am not, this card can let people know I am physically disabled and may need help in certain situations. I also have an ME alert card from the ME association which just alerts people to the fact that I have ME. It also has an emergency contact with it and my doctor’s details. 
A pouch full of bits and bobs: This is pretty much the miscellaneous section. In here I keep some blotting papers, an Eye Refresh by Tropic, a vast array of bobby pins and hair bands, a pen, Mackenzie smelling salts, strepsils, a radar key, Hydrocortisone cream, painkillers, tweezers, solid perfume, mints, earplugs, and a fidget spinner (because everyone in 2017 joined the fidget spinner phase at some point)
Snack: I also keep some cashew nuts or some sort of biscuit within my bag in case I need to eat before taking my medications. I also tend to get hangry. 
So that is everything I keep in my bag. Of course, every so often I do accumulate some receipts in the pit of my bag or slip a book in there but for the most part, everything listed above is what lives inside my bag. 
What’s the weirdest thing you keep in your bag? 
Cheerio for now! 
Photography: James Coleman

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