The Year of Twenty One

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A year ago I posted this post, A Letter To Twenty. I remember sitting up in bed, surrounded by snotty, tear-stained tissues and wearing a week old pajamas writing that post. I wasn’t in the best of places a year ago. Changes were happening in our family and as much as they seemed positive there was an element of discomfort to them, especially for me. I’d spend most of my time alone, well I had my four-legged pal but not any form of human interaction. Things got dark pretty quickly and my twenty-first birthday wasn’t as happy an occasion as birthdays usually are. What we did on my birthday was amazing. Having a pub lunch in London and then heading to the Ritz for evening tea had my tea-loving heart swooning. When a quartet plays ‘Twenty one today’ just for you, it’s pretty special.

New year bought the sudden change of moving. The idea of leaving my childhood home was bittersweet, but I also kind of loved the idea of a new beginning. I think my mom and I had needed it for a while. It’s crazy how this new beginning can bring new people into your life too, and suddenly your heart starts to flutter when you see someone’s name light up on your phone. I know many don’t believe in fortune tellers or tarot cards but having been brought in a family of believers, I remember my mom once being told that when her life changes so too will mine. I always thought this was rather bizarre and took it with a pinch of salt, but having looked back at how things have changed within my family compared with things with my friends and boyfriend -it makes sense (and to be frank it’s a little spooky how correct it was).

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Moving was stressful, to say the least. I’ve never felt like such a nomad. But around this time I gained a little freedom too. I went from sharing a car with my mom to having my own, which was nice. I met my boyfriend around the same time which was pretty great, to say the least (I can’t write too much about him, his ego is already big enough). Even now, my living situation is a bit cramped but I do have my own room and space for my things which is something I haven’t had for the majority of this year so far.

The year of twenty-one saw some pretty cool trips and days out too. It saw us go to Wales, seeing the stunning Welsh countryside and trying not to slip down waterfalls. We had weekends exploring anywhere we could possibly get to. Days spent at the beach hut, exploring the coast and wandering around Dreamland and the Shell Grotto.

Most of all, the year of twenty-one saw a lot of changes with my health and made me aware of things I didn’t even think were medically possible. I think I can officially say the transition from girl to woman happened this year; in not the easiest of ways. The end of twenty-one also saw me start my new supplement programme with a new doctor (post to come on that -he’s like a magician!). But most of all, I learned that my body is much more powerful then I give it credit for and I should spend a little more time giving it the love it deserves.

I think I can say this year was a huge transition period for many things, but it’s ending on a much more positive note than the last. Now we just have to wait and see what twenty-two has to offer.

Cheerio for now! 
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2 thoughts on “The Year of Twenty One”

  1. It's lovely to hear that things have changed for the better for you, even if it's been a bit of an upheaval – so strange that your mom's prediction was so accurate! I hope 21 to 22 is a wonderful year for you ♥ xx



  2. Yes very strange, literally a few months after my mom and stepdad started moving in together I met my boyfriend, things with my friends changed, my health started improving and I started to have a bit more of a social life -so crazy how true it was. thank you sweetie, hope you are as well as possible! xxx


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