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As I have stated in previous posts podcasts are probably one of my favourite things to listen to; especially after a long day of studying or on long drives to the beach hut. Since the last podcast roundup I posted (here), my tastes have slightly changed. Sure, I still listen to some of those girly/gossip podcasts; but for the most part, it is these podcasts below which you’ll find me listening to these days.

Stuff You Missed in History Class
I’ve been listening to this podcast for around a year now. Its’ episodes are full of strange but wonderful facts that you are typically not taught at school. The narration is super easy to listen to and each episode goes into the chosen subject in depth, explaining the topic in the simplest way. It’s hard to say which episodes have been my favourite to listen to; although I will say I’m always more drawn to the ones on European Monarchs, Sunken ships, and Heroines.

Remarkable Lives, Tragic Deaths
This podcast discusses the lives and tragic deaths of famous figures who have changed history and our culture. Each episode is dedicated to a different person, and the podcasts narrators Carter Roy and Vanessa Richardson discuss the persons’ life, achievements and ultimately their tragic death. They also use voice actors to reenact some of the scenes from the person’s life.

Unsolved Murders: True Crime Stories
This one is classed as a podcast drama which discusses the mystery of cold and unsolved murders. Now, I know this one seems a little darker than the others, however, it is incredibly interesting and is almost like a podcast edition of a murder television programme. The podcast is narrated by Carter Roy and Wendy Mackenzie, along with voice actors acting out scenes depicting the murders and investigations. The unsolved cases they discuss are usually broken into a couple of episodes, so I’d recommend that if you are interested in listening be aware of which episode you are starting with so you don’t start listening half way through discussing a particular case. New episodes are released every other Tuesday.

Myths & Legends
Now I’ve been listening to this podcast for about two years now –I feel like that is a true reflection of how much I love this. This podcast is full to the brim of folklore, myths, and legends from all over the world and throughout history. The stories and tales talked about on this podcast are sometimes more popular stories of monarchs or fairy tales, like King Arthur or Cinderella, and other times this podcast covers Greek myths including popular gods like Zeus.

Last but not least, is this AMAZING podcast. I have always had a hard time pinpointing favourites of any kind, but when it comes to podcasts I can say without a shadow of a doubt this is my favourite. Unexplained is a podcast which revolves around -well, the unexplained. To put it in another way, each episode discusses and informs on strange and mysterious events from real life which escape all explanation. Now, to be honest, I haven’t been listening to it all that long. It was recommended to me by my boyfriend and after listening to one of the episodes, I quickly downloaded every previous episode and binge-listened to them whilst packing my things from my old house. It is narrated by Richard MacLean Smith, who is my favourite narrator of a podcast (I could listen to his voice all day), and new episodes are released bi-weekly.

What podcasts have you been loving lately? Comment below
Cheerio for now! 
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