Sunday | A colourful gem

A few weekends ago, my boyfriend James and I, took an impromptu trip to Margate for the afternoon. I say impromptu, we knew we wanted to catch a certain event but what we anticipated to be the highlight of our day really wasn’t too great at all. Instead, we took a wander through the small roads of Margate, checking out hidden gems until we ended up at Margates’ Dreamland. 
Just as we parked the car, I noticed this colourful yard with all sorts of odds and ends from the fairgrounds hey-days. We had to check it out, and with my camera at the ready, we sauntered into the yard to explore. 
*Please note, this day I decided to try out the manual settings on my camera, therefore some these photos are a little overexposed or the colour settings aren’t quite ‘there‘; but ultimately, I’m happy I gave it a go. 
This place was without a doubt the most bizarre place I think I have been too, but also the coolest yard I have ever seen. Everywhere you looked there was something even more crazy and colourful than before. There were some amazing finds in there -which if I was at a point in my life where I had my own house with a nice garden, I’d totally buy a lot of kitschy things from this gallery. 
Yes, this place did have some creepier qualities but it was also full to the brim with quirkiness. It was the type of place I would have loved to play hide and seek in when I was a kid and it sent my nostalgia for fun fairs sky-high. And yes -it even had its’ own resident fortune teller! 

Ultimately, it was a great find and added to what became a great day exploring Margate. As I briefly mentioned above, we ended up visiting Dreamland where I, of course, took lots of photos. They will be up here soon, so stay tuned! 

Cheerio for now! 

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