Grange Road

We officially exchanged and bought our house last week, which was a long time coming. I cannot even begin to explain how relieved I feel saying that. I am currently trying to make my room ‘liveable’ as it still needs a lot of work but I do need/want somewhere which is truly my own space (I will no doubt take some before and after shots of my room to show you all the process). 

This moving process has been much more stressful than I ever anticipated, and it has conjured a variety of emotions I never thought would have come up so strongly. As a result, I felt the need to channel those feelings in some sort of creative way and so, I made this. A video. 

I have dabbled with the idea of youtube for quite some time now, and have constantly had people encourage me to take the plunge and give it a go but it wasn’t until now that I really thought I might be able to pull it off and make something the way I wanted. I hope you enjoy. 
Cheerio for now! 

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