My Summer Reading List

As my uni year is from October to May, I find that the warmer Summer months are usually the time I catch up on my reading list; and what better time to get lost in new books/worlds than when I’m at my beach hut. I try to tick off some older classics, along with some newer releases; but for the most part, I go with my gut and see what I’m drawn to.

This Summer is a little different. There are a couple of series’ I want to complete, in particular, the Frey & McGray Casebooks and the Hunger Games Trilogy. Both of which I have started, but desperately need to complete. I am studying Literature next year, which of course has a lot of *reading included, most of which I have never read so I do want to try and read a couple of those books too. Who knows what I will have read by the end of this summer but so far, this is my list:

I also have a ton of magazine issues to catch up on, but I have more on that in an upcoming blog post so stay tuned! 
What books do you have your eye on for this summer? 
Cheerio for now! 

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