Dear Old Friend

So, we haven’t spoken lately and I seem to have disappeared for a while. There are few excuses for my absence but I suppose the main reason is that life has simply got in the way. Since Christmas, everything has picked up a pace and life just feels a little more hectic than what I would usually like.

What do I mean by that? Well, let’s get into. I have grown up as an only-child, in a single-parent household. Now, as I write this, my mom has a partner and I now have step siblings; which is something I never thought would happen. My house has been sold and we will be moving into a new home, and combining our two families. I’m currently living out of my moms’ partners’ conservatory and sleeping between my stepsisters’ bed, the sofa and the spare bedroom of my grandparents’ house. Yup, I’m a nomad right now but it’s only temporary and it’s worth it. I was the type of kid who always asked Santa for a family so now, 15+ years later, I’m glad that the bearded guy finally came through with the goods.

Talking of bearded guys, there’s one of those in my life too. I don’t want to mention too much about him here as it’s still very new but he’s become a very special person in my life; one of which I’m not ready to share with my little corner of the internet just yet, but stay tuned.

In terms of studying with the Open University, I really enjoyed my creative writing module which I completed a couple of weeks ago. It feels bittersweet but I also look back at my first few pieces and feel a huge sense of achievement at how far I’ve come with my writing. Going into this module I was dreading the sections on poetry and life writing, as well as the idea of someone potentially ripping my writing to shreds. However, it’s been an enormous help having like-minded people commenting and giving their own input on my writing; and in terms of poetry and life writing, they have earned me amazing feedback and compliments as well as high scores.

As April has come (and now gone), it is finally beach hut season again which has my sea-loving heart doing somersaults! I have managed to get down there a few times so far, however, I’m hoping that I’ll get to spend more time there and fill my lungs with as much sea air as possible within the next few weeks.

Oh, and obviously, I died my hair (well -some of it). Truth be told, I have been wanting a change for a while now and when I was browsing Pinterest a few months back I saw a photo of a young girl with hair like Cruella DeVille. Now, I am not confident to rock that half and half look all over, but I definitely wanted to recreate it with my own little twist. It’s not as white as I’d like it yet but it is getting there (Yes, I’m a twenty-one year old who wants white hair).

So as you can see, a lot has been going on. I’m not sure what the next few months will bring this space but I’m hoping to get back into a posting schedule and get some fresh content on here throughout the summer.

Cheerio for now!
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2 thoughts on “Dear Old Friend”

  1. thank you sweetie! It's definitely been very hectic lately but I'm hoping once we've all moved into our new house things will start to settle down! Hope you are well xxx


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