Physical Photographs

I love photos. They never change, even when the people inside them do. They just stay frozen with the characters stuck in time.

As much as technology is great these days (-borderline ‘scary-great’) I miss the beauty of physical photographs. As a child, I remember my mom collecting film reels to take to the local photo shop to have developed. Weeks later we would go back and she’d come back to the car with stacks of photo packets. She’d spend so many evenings sorting them into photo albums and writing notes on the back about the occasion within the photo. What do we do now? We post them to facebook or Instagram, get some likes and comments and then that’s it, they are forgotten forever. *sad

In 2015, I got a polaroid camera and fell back in love with physical photographs. Sure the quality isn’t as defined but it is still a nostalgic luxury to hold your photographs -instantly, might I add. This process has spurred me to make an effort to print out my photographs and organise my own photo albums. Something to look back on, just like my mom is able to do. 

When was the last time you got your photos printed off? 
Cheerio for now! 

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