All About Juice Plus

Juice Plus Berry Capsules and Vanilla Shake Powder

Now we have all tried those fad diets, trying to shed the pounds for that beach body, your best friends wedding or to fit into that pretty dress for the Christmas parties. However often these diets are strict, unrealistic and while they may work as a quick fix, you find yourself gaining the weight back on and more. I’m guilty of all of the above and while I have tried many of the fad diets out there, there was one I had never heard about until just recently; enter Juice Plus.

Juice Plus doesn’t fall into the diet/fad diet category. While results from their products are often quick, it is by no means a quick fix but rather a lifestyle change. The mission behind these products focuses on getting all the nutrients the body needs, rather than simply shedding weight; and for this, they offer shake powder, capsules, bars, and boosters. The structure of Juice Plus works by having two shakes, two snacks, and one meal a day; though there is also various combos and plans to incorporate their bars, capsules, and boosters into your programme.

As previously mentioned, the products you can work into your programme aren’t just for weight loss or management but more so to bridge the gap between what you eat and what you should be eating in a day. The capsule, for instance, is a powerhouse full of 30 types of fruit, vegetables, and berries making it easy to get all the vitamins and antioxidants your body needs. Adults take two of the berry, fruit, and vegetable capsules a day, preferably at mealtime though some do empty the capsules into their shakes to make it easier to digest. Children can also take the capsules or, alternatively Juice Plus make chewable sweets for children.

Juice Plus Berry Blend Capsules

Although the shakes help lose or maintain weight, they also host a whole bunch of health benefits such as immune, skin health, cardiovascular health along with a ton of other benefits. They are also incredibly flexible as you can build up and use as much of the powder as you would like within your shakes; perfect for a good dose of protein before hitting the gym. The shakes are available in Vanilla and Chocolate flavours, and when added to plant-based milk such as almond or coconut milk are vegetarian and vegan-friendly. They are also gluten free, and free from preservatives, sweeteners, colours, and flavourings. 

The bars Juice Plus offer, just like the shakes, are perfect for on-the-go snacks or easy options for when you would ordinarily reach for a quick fast food option whilst out and about. The bars come in both mixed fruit and chocolate flavours, and both are gluten free. 

While the shakes, capsules, and bars are all great products to structure a healthy lifestyle around Juice Plus also places huge importance on still eating healthy foods in your daily routine. They do provide a list of foods you should incorporate into your meals and snacks, though rather than this list restricting what you can eat, it instead includes everyday foods that are sustainable in reaching the results you want but also keeping your body healthy and well nourished in the process. 

Want to read more about Juice Plus? 
click here, for their official site or check out their YouTube channel here. You can also check out the Juice Plus products here
Cheerio for now! 

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