Warner Bros. Harry Potter Studio Tour // Miscellaneous Pt.4

Hagrid’s Hut & Dumbledore’s office 

If you haven’t been to the Warner Bros Studio Tour and you’re hoping to in the future, then I would skip this post, and any future posts titled ‘Warner Bros Harry Potter Studio tour’, as it contains spoilers
Dumbledores's Office
Portraits in Dumbledores office
More Portraits in Dumbledore's office
Dumbledore's office
Cabinet of Collected memories
Hagrids Hut
Hagrids Hut Outside Set
Inside Hagrids Hut Set
Hagrids Costume
Fang - Hagrids Dog
Have you been to the Studio Tour? What did you think of Dumbledore’s 360 office set? 
Cheerio for now! 
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