Warner Bros. Harry Potter Studio Tour // Miscellaneous Pt.3

If you haven’t been to the Warner Bros Studio Tour and you’re hoping to in the future, then I would skip this post, and any future posts titled ‘Warner Bros Harry Potter Studio Tour’, as it contains spoilers.

Costumes, Props, Sets and Special Effects
Character Costumes
Wig & Make up desk
Bellatrix Wig
Urghh! How I wish my hair was like Bellatrix Lestrange
Gryffindor Boys Dormitory
Boys' Dormitory
Wands of the Characters
Newspapers, Books and Publishings from the film
Marauders Map
Books used within the films
Flirting Fancies & Love potions
Weasley Goods
Wizard World sweets - shock-a-chocs, Cauldron Cakes, cheeri owls, bertie boots every flavour beans, fizzing wizzbees
Goblin Special Effect Masks
Make up Special Effects
Fawkes Phoenix
Weak Voldemort Prop From Deathly Hallows
House elf & Aunt Special Effects
Special Effects
Dragon Special Effect Props
Have you ever been to the Studio tour? What did you think of the costumes, sets, props and special effects? (I personally weren’t a fan of that book)
Cheerio for now! 

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