my favourite videos from the past few months

For me, Youtube has become the new television in my life. I tend to lean towards keeping up to date with my subscription box more than any TV shows. I also prefer online videos because I can stop and start wherever I want, plus videos vary in length with most being shorter than your average TV show which is so ideal when you have a concentration level like mine. 

I follow a ton of YouTubers and have watched some great content over the past few months but here are some of my favourite videos

  • The Michalak’s: Probably up there with my favourite YouTubers, I love this family. There’s a certain realness to their vlogs that I think a lot of others lack. My favourite vlog theirs is probably the Iceland one. I found it so calming and peaceful but it also sparked a little wanderlust inside me watching their spontaneous adventure. 

  • Vagabond Youth: As the skincare junkie I’m starting to morph into, I loved watching Amy Lee’s Skincare video. It was so great watching and learning about someone else’s skincare routine, especially as that someone’s beliefs align with your own. I tend to spend far more money and time on the hunt for the effective and nourishing products, as opposed to makeup to conceal my face. 

  • Simply_Kenna: Favourite blogger (and Instagrammer) of all time, it would be wrong of me to put together this post without included videos from McKenna. I’m always swooning over her makeup tutorials and trying to recreate them -needless to say they never turn out as pretty as hers. I’ve yet to try her Pixie makeup, however, I can’t wait to have a go at it. I loved the gold freckle flecks and think they’ll look darn right adorable throughout the warmer months. I also really enjoyed her how I edit my insta photos videos, especially as she spoke about how she does her rainbow flares. 

  • Estée Lalonde: I have always loved both Estée’s blog and channel, but my favourite video lately is her Magazine Shopping and Haul video. I’ve been on the hunt for new magazines to read for around a year now and have found some real keepers but have still kept up the search. I couldn’t have clicked on this video any quicker when I saw in pop up in my subscription box. 

  • Grace: The bookworm that I am, it’s only natural to follow a few booktube channels. I have found so many  amazing YA reads through Grace’s channel but my favourite of all her videos is probably things I do in bookstores. I found it so funny and amusing, but also really relatable and almost reassuring that there are other people out there watching people in bookstores. 

  • Fashion citizen: A newer Youtube channel for me, so I haven’t got too many to share but I’m loving the vibes of these videos. My favourite videos so far are A day in the life and Get ready with me. I also love their thrift hauls and their moment’s videos.  

What are your favourite videos from the past few months? Let me know below
Cheerio for now! 

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