Warner Bros Harry Potter Studio Tour // Miscellaneous Pt.1

If you haven’t been to the Warner Bros Harry Potter Studio Tour and you are hoping to visit in the future, then I’d suggest skipping this post, and any future posts titled ‘Warner Bros Harry Potter Studio Tour’, as it contains spoilers
When you come out of the Great Hall you then go into a huge studio full of sets, props, costumes, etc from the films. Now there is so much to take in and I took a lot of photos which I now have to organise is some way. I think I’ll just try to sort io photos in the order the items are used in the movies -if that makes sense. 
The Mirror of Erised and the singing lady portrait
mirror of erised
(That is Simon, my carer for the day)
Gringotts vault door
Moving Staircase
Quid ditch display - costumes, props and visual effects
Quidditch display props and costumes
Entrance to Dumbledores Office
Chamber of Secrets Entrance
Leaky Cauldron Fireplace
Now this is the Leaky Cauldron. Neither of us could place this in any of the movies so we asked one of the workers. Turns out it’s only in a few shots and they are so quick that you often don’t notice it in the background.
Leaky Cauldron Illusion hallways
Gryffindor common room
Gryffindor Common Room Fireplace
Professor Lupin's Defence Against the Dark Arts costumes and props
Goblet of Fire
The Goblet of Fire, The Triwizard Cup and The Golden Egg (and Yes, I am listening to the mermaid song while putting this together). 
Tri-Wizard Cup & Golden Egg
The Yule Ball Costumes & Ice (looking) Sculpture
Hermiones, Vikram, Harry and Cho's Yule Ball Outfits
Ron's Yule Ball Outfit
Feast props from the movie
Feast props from the movie
I hope you enjoyed these photographs -stay tuned for more.
Cheerio for now! 

1 thought on “Warner Bros Harry Potter Studio Tour // Miscellaneous Pt.1”

  1. I went on the tour for my eighteenth birthday four years ago and it was amazing! You took some lovely photos – scrolling through this post was a really nice was to relive it all and I'm glad you had a good time! xx



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