Warner Bros. Harry Potter Studio Tour // Great Hall

If you haven’t been to the Warner Bros Studio Tour and you’re hoping to visit in the future, then I would suggest skipping this post, and any future post titled ‘Warner Bros Harry Potter Studio Tour’, as it contains spoilers
Great Hall Entrance door
Stone Carvings aside the door
Film Costumes within the hall
House Costumes within the hall
Great Hall Fireplace
House Costumes in the Hall
House Crests carved onto the Fireplace
Gryffindor Character Costumes
The Sorting Hat
Hagrid and Filch costumes
Professor Costumes
Dumbledore and Snape Costumes
After the cinema experience, you then go on into the great hall, which let’s just say is a pinch-me moment! You are actually standing inside the Great Hall -where all those amazing actors and actress’ have once stood! Where all the magic happened. There was a part of me that massively wanted to reenact Professor Quirrell’s ‘Troll in the dungeon” scene but I refrained. 
Along each side, there are the long tables as well as costumes from students along with the house crests. When we went there was also the sorting hat in the centre of the room just before the professors’ costumes. I have to admit I got a little emosh when I saw Alan Rickman’s Snape costume. 
Have you ever been to the Studio Tour? What did you think? 
Cheerio for now! 

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