Mood board: Alice Through the Looking Glass

With Alice Through the looking glass being released in cinemas on the 27th, Alice is everywhere -and I mean, everywhere! Irregular choice released their shoe collection back in February, urban decay releasing their eye palette and lipsticks a few weeks back, OPI with their nail polish collection centred around the film and even Charlotte Olympias gorgeous collection of clutches, bags and clothing -it’s everywhere, which I love!

As the Alice aficionado that I am, I took it upon myself to put a little something together so that all the amazing Alice-ness could be plopped in one place… enjoy!

Alice through the looking glass: bags

Alice through the looking class - beauty releasesAlice through the looking glass: accessories

Alice through the looking glass: clothes & shoes

What are your favourite pieces? 
-I’m in love with those green flats, you may even catch a closer glimpse soon*

Cheerio for now! 

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