What I Wear: Navy & Yellow

Navy & Yellow

Navy & Yellow

Navy & Yellow
Navy & Yellow

As spring is here I’m finding it a little more tricky to decide what to wear. All too often the sun’s blazing rays trick me into thinking its is warm outside resulting in me freezing and shrivelling up like a prune -not a good look! Although it may not be warm outside, I’m becoming bored of the dull and dreary colours of the cooler seasons. It’s time to crank it up a notch and start incorporating some colour kicks. 

After a long season of greys, blacks and monochrome looks, I find myself reaching for alternatives to fill their place and what better than knitwear in Navy & Yellow. I find this colour combination to be so pleasing for my own aesthetic. They contrast one another so well and look downright cute! It is also perfect for transitional months like this when you haven’t a clue what the weather will do but also doesn’t want to look like your going to a funeral. This cardigan is a light, but thick knit and so ideal to keep those nippy breezes at bay. 

What are your perfect combinations for transitional months? 
Cheerio for now! 
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Photography: Hannah Cross

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