soulful sea

It was only the other week when we made for the coast with nothing more then hot water bottles, painkillers and, the most important part to any adventure recipe, a flask of tea. As the evening crept in, we rolled into the coastal carpark with our fish & chips and tea; and simple enjoyed.

The sky was a fluffy blanket of ominous grey and made us question why we was making this trip at all – the sea – we was reminded. Those light blue waves of the evening sea, the smell of seaweed and the cold winter air, full of sea-mist in all its glory! The street lights slowly went on in the distance of a neighbouring bay and the sea somehow became more magical. It’s current calmed, and we surrendered to a piece of tranquility gifted to us by nature, herself. 

In the depths of winter I forget how refreshing the sea is for my soul. How much I need it to cleanse and clear those cobwebs that drag me down. I think, maybe, it’s something we all need at times.

Cheerio for now! 

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