The Hut: the First Dip of the Season

As many of our days are going now, our days usually start with a look at the weather forecast. It’s generally the first few days of the week we head for that sunny bay. Sometimes it’s glorious sunshine, other times the wind picks up quite fiercely and wind surfers swarm the beach in packs. Whatever the weather we always have a good time, and nothing puts us off a trip to the hut. 

This particular day was sunny and warm, with blue skies surrounding us. We sat in the sun, drunk in the salty air and generally watched the world go by. The tide slowly went out as folks bought their canoes and paddle boards down for an evening glide along the waters ever-changing shimmering surface. Before our time was up, at the bay, we headed down to the waterside to dip our toes in the warm water for the first time. The foamy waves greeted us, along with masses of seaweed and shells of all shapes and sizes. After drudging along the waters edge for a little longer than expected, we eventually managed to get back to the hut dry off and then head home; napping on the way home to a nice brew and some hearty grub’. 
Cheerio for now!

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