The Hut: DIY

Sun still blazing, clouds rolling in from the West; as we cruise into the esplanade. Unloaded the roadster, down the staircase, then hit by the sight of gentle waves and the smell of salty air. 
With neighbours just leaving and bystanders in awe, we flung open the hut and started our DIY session. Paint cans and timber out, with screws and drills at the ready we embarked on our session. Working away getting the hut more and more complete as a breezy spring evening set in; every now and then stopping to chat to neighbours, bystanders and a few four-legged friends. 

Chatting away to neighbours, who turned out to be from our hometown. 49 miles from home, and bumping into friendly chic’s n’ chaps from across our town. One thing leads to another and you realise you have mutual friends, as well as some other odd little coincidences. As the day draws to an end and with all the chores and tasks done for the day, along with being covered in dried paint, a unanimous vote told us to pack up and hit the road for home. But not before stopping at the harbour for some traditional fish and chips, drenched in salt and vinegar -it’s a British thing! 

Cheerio for now!

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