The Hut: A Sunny Evening By the Sea

A bad day with a blissful ending. 

 After a rough night and not exactly ‘good’ day, we decided to take a trip to the hut for the evening. It was too much for me to change so instead I just shrugged on a hoodie, some fuzzy socks and my big boots. I bundled into the car, where i snuggled down with my hot water bottle before our car journey commenced. Before joining the winding roads and highways which would lead us to, what was becoming, our second home -that faithful hut; we grabbed a cold coke from the drive-thru before weaving onto the highway. 

Our journey was relatively easy, barring the jolting pain from potholes every now and then; which was utterly agonising. We got to the beach, to find skies of blue and shining sun, the type that as it starts to lower into the horizon goes bright, and beams beautiful shades of orange & gold hues everywhere. We decided on getting a couple of chairs out and simply watching the world go by; a blissful pass-time in my family. The breeze built every-so-often carrying the scent of salty waters and seaweed entwined with one another. The movement of the waters edge, greeting us reluctantly as the tide slowly swept out of the bay. The combination of noises; seagulls overhead, water to our side and the whisper of the long layer of grass covering the hilltops merged into a quiet type of buzz. The silence and stillness of that moment surrounded us, as we were left to sit there and dilly-daydreaming of what was yet to come. 

Cheerio for now! 

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