The Hut: Close Calls and New Neighbours

Having got all our gear loaded in the car and getting the flooring laid down, we decided it was time to start getting the shelves, signs and general decor done. We started with the shelving, as this was going to be our main storage it was generally the most important and most time consuming of it all. 

still intact after our fire drill 
Having dragged my grandfather down to do the task at hand we set about our own little tasks whilst he tinkered and tampered with timber or all shapes and sizes. This day was very eventful to say the least. This was actually the day that my mother almost set light to the hut along with my grandfather and I cornered inside it. All I can say is a lot of swearing and shouting followed that eventful moment, as well as some severe shakes. Ironically enough, she was actually trying to get the stove going so we could make a cup of tea and once the whole scene was over we all could’ve done with a cupa to calm our nerves! 

That was actually the day we met one of our neighbours -so you can imagine the great first impression we made on them. Needless to say, the rest of our day went well, there were no other casualities and definitely learnt our lesson the hard way. Fire safety is no joke kids. The weather was beaut and we did get those shelves done so mission accomplished! 

Cheerio for now! 

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