M.E. Awareness Week

With ME Awareness week approaching I’ve began thinking of the many posts that align with this event, and hopefully raising some much needed awareness. It was then that I clicked onto my Twitter feed and saw that a fellow spoonie, Anna, was running her Blue Sunday fundraising again this year. The idea of Anna’s Blue Sunday is to have a brew and a slice of cake, and donate an amount you would pay in a café which will go to the ME Association. 
As someone who is all for fundraising and raising awareness, i asked myself how could i help? Then the lightbulb went off. I decided why not hold hold a coffee morning throughout ME Awareness Week? After thinking the whole thing through, and a quick message to Anna; I signed up to justgiving and made a page for awareness week. 
**I might add; whilst making my profile page, I noticed something moving out of the corner of my eye and saw a tiny money spider was climbing across my keypad; I’m taking that as a good omen! 
Throughout ME Awareness week, May 11th-17th, various business’ in my town will ply their customers, colleagues and friends with brews, beverages and cakes as well as spread awareness of this invisible illness. I think raising awareness is key, especially for chronic and invisible illness’ such as M.E; which are often labelled as ‘all in the head’ or ‘yuppie flu’. It’s important for people to take the time to educate themselves on invisible illness’ such as this, and spread on the awareness too. 
I think, as much as we all hope and pray for a cure or some sort of universal treatment to ease some of our suffering, raising awareness within itself is another form of cure/treatment. I know, myself, what a difference it can make to feel as though people understand or at least try to understand what your going through. It makes everything a little less lonely and isolating, which can make such a difference on your emotional well-being and that in-turn is almost a ripple effect on other aspects of your health. 
So mark ME awareness week in your calendar, and remember to boil the kettle, have a slice of cake (or two) and think of those, like myself, who suffer with this invisible and chronic illness on a daily basis. 
Extra Brownie points for those who google it! 
You can check out my justgiving page here
Expect lots of prep posts and chronic illness inspired posts, 
Cheerio for now! 

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